Are Solar Panels Still A Good Investment?

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Are solar panels still a good investment? Many homeowners are beginning to question the viability of these systems. However, solar panels are brilliant options if you want to make your home greener. Solar panels generate energy from the sun for your home, meaning that you can rely on your electricity and heating less. That way, you can save money on your bills.

However, another benefit of solar panels was the feed-in tariff scheme. This system meant that, if you invested in solar panels, the government would send you a fixed amount of money based on the electricity you produced. Not only that, but the scheme also meant that the electricity company would pay you as well. Now, though, the feed-in tariff scheme has come to an end.

Because of this, many are questioning whether solar panels are still a good investment. But, despite this scheme coming to an end, these innovative panels can make an enormous difference to your home. Not only can they save you money on energy, but they can make your home more comfortable, more welcoming and more efficient. You can also add other solar products to your home for an even greater impact.

Although the government will no longer pay you for your panels, you’ll be able to pay yourself. That’s because solar panels can pay back their investment through the amount of energy they can produce for your home. Over time, these durable panels will continue to generate power when the sun comes out, meaning you’ll save money for years to come. As a result, solar panels are still a superb and sustainable solution.

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels use an innovative system to generate energy for your home. They feature PV cells in their design which can convert sunlight into electricity. In these systems, the PV cells go in between layers of conducting materials, such as silicone. When the sun hits each layer, different electronic properties activate to create an electric field, which is what your solar panels draw on to power your home.

Because of this, you don’t need any electricity to make your solar panels work. That makes them almost cost-free after the initial investment, making them an effective way of saving money for your home. Also, when the sun is shining, solar panels don’t vary in the amount of energy they create. Your new investment will give you a consistent and stable amount of energy when the sun comes out.

We all want to make our homes, and our planet, more friendly to the environment. That’s why solar panels continue to be a superb option. Unlike other renewable methods, like wind power, solar panels don’t take up much space. That means you can install them in a wide range of locations. You could decide to fit them on your roof to get them as close to the sun as you can, but you could cover your garden with them if you’d like.

Also, solar panels are a long-lasting investment too. All you need to do is wipe them down every so often. That way, you’ll make sure that dirt and debris don’t collect and cause any issues. Other than that, however, solar panels can perform flawlessly from the moment you fit them around your home. They’re a solution that seamlessly fit your home, and they don’t create any noise. You’d almost forget they were there if not for the impact they’ll have on your home.

What is the Feed-In Tariff Scheme?

Solar panels are still able to be a good investment for your home. However, thanks to the feed-in tariff scheme, they used to be a no-brainer. The feed-in tariff scheme was a Government plan to help homeowners fit solar panels and raise their usage around the country. When you invested in solar panels, your electricity provider would pay you monthly premiums against your bills, saving you money.

There were three main tariffs from which you could benefit. Firstly, there was the Feed-In Generation Tariff, where your electricity company would send you an amount of money relative to the amount of power your solar panels generated per month. Secondly, there was the Feed-In Export tariff, where your electricity company would pay you for the amount of energy the company didn’t use heating your home. And, thirdly, there was the DRHIS, paying you for installing additional features.

Now, though, these schemes have ended. But you can still save money and make a good investment with solar panels. That’s because solar panels, over time, have gotten even more advanced. That means you can save even more energy and generate more power for your home. Not only will you reduce your energy bills, but you’ll also make your home far more environmentally friendly. Solar panels are proof that, sometimes, less really is more.

What are the Benefits of Solar Panels?

The benefits of solar panels are almost endless, meaning they’re still a good investment for homes across the UK. As well as generating energy, solar panels can also make an impact on your home’s style. Solar panels are discrete but futuristic, and add a modern look to your roof that can catch eyes. Not only that, but having solar panels on your property advertises to the world that you care about protecting the planet.

Solar panels are also a more efficient way to generate energy than conventional methods. In your home, electricity has to get to you from your supplier. During this process, you can lose up to 5% of the energy that you pay for as it travels to your home. However, there’s no distance between you and the solar panels that’ll be generating your energy, meaning you’ll lose almost none of the power you create for your living space.

Also, solar panels can help you start a process to make your entire life a sustainable one. If you decide to get an electric car, which could be a wise decision considering the upcoming ban on diesel and petrol car sales, then you can charge it for free with your solar panels. That way, you can be at the forefront of sustainable living, and you can invest in other green products that help your home be more environmentally friendly to complement the solar panels too.

How Can I Save Money with Solar Panels?

Although you can’t use the feed-in tariff system to your advantage, solar panels are still a good investment for your home. While you’ll already know that you can cut down your energy costs, solar panels can save you money in other ways too. For a start, solar panels don’t only work when the sun’s shining. Even on cloudy days, solar panels can still create power for your home, although they’ll generate less power the darker the sky gets.

Many people don’t believe they can save money with solar panels because the British weather doesn’t suit them. However, that isn’t true at all. Solar panels don’t need hot temperatures to work, and all they need is light. Because of this, you won’t have to wait for balmy summer days to feel the transformative effects of these unique designs on your home. If anything, solar panels have issues in scorching temperatures the UK rarely experiences.

As a result, this country is well suited to solar power, unlike what many people say. Due to this, you can invest in these panels in confidence that they’ll be able to generate energy for your home reliably. Solar panels can also be a better investment than other renewable products which aren’t as reliable. Not only that, because these panels are durable, you won’t have to worry about replacing them either, saving you money on repair costs.

Is Solar Glazing a Good Investment?

You don’t have to invest in solar panels to generate energy for your home. Instead, you could install solar glazing in your windows. Solar glazing is double glazing with a PV coating. That means it’ll give you the same performance that double glazing is famous for, but your windows will also generate energy as well as they protect it from escaping your home. Solar glazing is discrete too, meaning it won’t block out natural light from your home.

You can install solar glazing in as many places as you can fit regular glazing too. As a result, you’ll have total flexibility in how you decide to use it. You could create a solar glass wall, for example. Also, you’ll be able to integrate this unique technology into your home seamlessly. You can fit solar glazing into both sealed glazing systems and bolted glass structures, meaning you won’t need to purchase a new window to get solar power for your home.

Solar glazing doesn’t generate as much energy as panels, but it can be more affordable to fit. Because of this, it could be wise to invest in both so that you can generate even more power for your home in a sustainable way. Solar glazing can also help you get better control of your home’s temperature. The system has solar control, meaning it’ll regulate the amount of light and warmth entering your home, keeping it comfortable even in sweltering weather.

Are Solar Panels Right For Me?

In some cases, solar panels may not still be a good investment for your home. For example, the cost of solar panels can be high at first, and it’ll take longer to pay that money back without the feed-in tariff. That means that you’ll be taking slightly more of a risk, but you’ll still be able to pay your investment back over time. Also, if you live in a larger home, solar panels might not generate enough energy for you to make significant reductions on your heating bills.

As well as that, solar panels don’t suit traditional homes that well. If you live in a conservation area, planning authorities may even block you from fitting solar panels. Because of this, solar panels are better for some homeowners than others. However, most homes suit these panels perfectly, and the UK’s weather is ideal for solar energy. As a result, solar panels are more likely to be right for you than not.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Solar panels can cost anywhere between £1500-10000 to install in your home. However, the cost can vary depending on the size of your purchase and the power they can generate. You can pay as little as £1500 to get solar panels that create 850-kilowatt hours of electricity every year. You’ll only need about 8 square metres of roofing to fit them as well, meaning they can still produce plenty of power without taking up space, making them a good investment.

If you’re willing to spend more, though, then you can benefit even more than that. At the higher end of the scale, you can invest in solar panels that generate 4kW, giving you approximately 3450-kilowatt hours of energy. These systems are excellent for larger or detached homes, and they’ll create the power you need to save money in your home. When you look to invest in solar panels, it’s vital to work out which ones will suit your home best.

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