Are house alarms worth it?

Are house alarms worth it?

Whilst there’s no denying that house alarms are great for security, people often wonder whether the additional peace of mind is worth the expense. So, to help you determine if a burglar alarm installation is worthwhile for you, we’ve taken a closer look at the issue:

How much does an alarm system for a house cost?

There are various types of burglar alarm systems available, and they each come with optional extras that incur additional expense. So, there is no set price for them. You can find detailed information on our burglar alarm prices page, which you can use to get an idea of the different types and what you can expect to pay for them.

Do wired or wireless burglar alarms cost more?

Although there are different kinds of alarm systems, they will either be wired or wireless. Wireless burglar alarms have their control panels hooked up to the mains. However, they also have battery powered sensors that consume very little electricity, so they’re able to last for a long time. Installation costs are slightly reduced because only the control panel needs hardwiring into the mains. Eventually, however, these batteries need replacing and your control panel will inform you when they’re running low.

Wired systems, on the other hand, have everything powered by the mains. As a result, installation costs are higher because significantly more wiring needs to be done. However, you never need to worry about replacing any batteries.

Will installing a house alarm make my home more secure?

According to, homes without security are 5 times more likely to be burgled than those which have simple security measures in place. Surveys of one-time burglars by London’s Metropolitan Police and Which? also found a decent alarm significantly decreased the likelihood of a home being burgled. So, if you’re someone who believes that you can’t put a price on peace of mind, you’ll almost certainly find burglar alarm installation to be worthwhile.

Do burglar alarms lower insurance premiums?

There are some insurance providers that offer lower premiums to homes that are fitted with alarm systems. However, this is not guaranteed. If you do manage to find a reduced premium, we recommend comparing it with the cost of installing and maintaining the alarm system to see how much you’ll actually save.

Burglar alarms for those who already have home insurance

If you already have a home insurance policy and you renew it each year without checking over the documents, there is a risk of voiding your insurance policy by the time you come to make a claim.

In 2016, LV rejected a family’s £6,000 burglary claim because they didn’t have an alarm. The customers were clear they had no alarm when they originally bought their policy back in 2006, but they renewed their policy each year without checking the documents, completely unaware that LV had changed the terms to include a working alarm as a condition back in 2010.

So, if the way you renew your home insurance policy is similar to the above, we advise carrying out a thorough check of your policy right away. If you find a home alarm is a requirement and you’re happy with the premium you pay, having a home alarm retrofitted shouldn’t leave you too significantly out of pocket either.

By using our online quote form at the top of the page, you can compare multiple house alarm quotes, saving yourself as much as 40%. However, if you require more information and would like to speak to a member of our friendly team instead, please feel free to give us a call on 0800 084 5076.

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