Alarm Systems Comparison

Alarm Systems Comparison

We understand how important it is to feel safe and secure in your own home. That’s why we’ve partnered with market leaders to bring you a wide range of home security systems, expertly installed to protect your property from unwanted forced entry attempts. Homes and businesses around the UK are unfortunately burgled or fall victim to incidents such as fires on a daily basis.

You can alleviate some of this worry by sharing the burden with an alarm system. It will act as either a deterrent to thieves, or an early warning in the event of a fire. Such a simple installation will save many lives. The key questions we are looking to answer are:

  • What types of alarm systems are there?
  • How do they compare against each other?
  • Which is right for me?
  • How much do alarm systems cost?

There are almost no limits or restrictions on the type of home or business that should benefit from the simplicity and peace of mind of an alarm system. From flats and terraced houses to executive offices and business premises, any property can invest in an alarm system for increased safety and security.

Now that you’re sold on the benefits if you weren’t already, it’s time to consider the wide range of alarm system options available to choose from. CompareCompanies will connect you with our trusted traders and market leading installers to help you find the best price for your security upgrade. Once you know which alarm system you’re looking for, use our expertise to source it for you.

What types of alarm systems are available?

Depending on your specific concerns or the needs of your business, there are many different alarm systems or safety features that can be installed in your home or business, such as:

  • Burglar alarms
  • CCTV
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Fire alarms

Carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms are a vital but fairly self explanatory addition to any home or workplace. Therefore, the bulk of this discussion will focus on the features of burglar alarms and CCTV systems as additions to the safety and security of your property, to help you decide which to choose.

These alarm systems can be personally monitored by yourself via your phone or tablet 24/7. Alternatively, a security company can watch the alarm and notify you and the police if the system is triggered. Either way, you will have complete peace of mind all through the day.

Burglar alarms

Even if you’ve chosen a burglar alarm as your property’s security feature of choice, there are lots more options for you to consider. Wired or wireless? Bell-only or dialler systems to call you personally? Smart home security systems so you can monitor your property all day every day, or hire a company to do that for you? Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Bell-only alarms

The bell-only alarm is a more traditional noise-making security system that will be triggered by an unwanted entry into your property. As well as the sight of the physical alarm itself acting as a deterrent to frighten off the intruder, the loud noise will often get them to flee the house or business.

However, if they are not deterred, you personally remain unaware of the attempted break in. You become reliant on someone nearby hearing the alarm and informing either yourself or the police. This is a more hands-off security alarm option, which may be the best option for you.

The primary features to consider are:

  • Simple, affordable, DIY installation
  • Acts as a visual and audible deterrent
  • Dependent upon others hearing, reacting and alerting the police

The simplest and most traditional style, the bell-only alarm could be the right one for you.

Smart home security systems

For a more up to date security option for your home, choose a smart home security system. You will receive an alert on your smartphone or tablet, so you can keep a close eye on your property all day, no matter where you are. With wi-fi connectivity for your alarm, you can use a central hub to control other systems such as lights, cameras and motion sensors to protect your property.

With all these features, however, you are reliant upon a continuous and stable online connection. Properties in built up areas will most likely run fine, failing a larger scale connectivity issue or peak time internet traffic problems, but more rural homes or businesses could suffer.

The main elements of a smart home security system include:

  • Can be installed by you
  • Monitor your home or property from anywhere 24/7
  • Reliant on stable wireless signals

A smart home security system provides a host of modern benefits for an increased cost.

Dialler burglar system

The dialler burglar system dials a phone number whenever an intruder triggers the alarm in your property. Either you or a nominated person can receive the call, or it is often possible to program in several numbers so that the system will continue to call until someone picks up, and then it stops dialling. The dialler burglar system’s main assets are:

  • It provides a direct communication with people at risk, or who can help
  • As a remote warning, the nominee will often simply have to call others who can intervene
  • While many numbers can be entered, there is a chance nobody will pick up

A more personal method of security, the dialler burglar system is a solid option to consider.

Monitoring contract

The final type of security system is a monitoring contract. This involves a professional alarm company fitting a wireless or wired alarm. You would pay for this initial installation, and then also pay them on a regular basis to monitor the system so they will be aware when an intruder triggers it.

With a professional security company at your disposal, they can take the pressure off watching your home or business constantly. They can either contact the police or a nominated keyholder in response to a break in. In the second case, the company themselves will get to the scene and contact the police and then the keyholder from the scene for a rapid response. The main elements of the monitoring contract are:

  • A private company that can monitor and respond to an alarm at any time
  • Professional installation means an additional and regular cost to you and your business
  • While the outside company takes much responsibility, a keyholder must still live close by

A monitoring contract is a worthwhile choice for property owners looking to alleviate some or all of the worry about security.


CCTV systems are a highly versatile security addition to your home or business property. They can be installed inside or outside, or both. The sight of them can often be enough to deter potential trespassers or unwanted guests on your property.

As a security feature, CCTV has risen sharply in popularity over the years as the cost has fallen alongside this to make them much more accessible. Modern upgrades to the classic and recognisable design mean that wireless security cameras are readily available. Easy to install and able to function anywhere on a property, they provide excellent coverage both in general and when used to monitor specific rooms around a site. Enjoy all the benefits of a CCTV system, including:

  • Recognisable design makes for an immediate deterrent
  • Wireless functionality for sleek and simple installation
  • Affordable starting price points for homeowners

The continued popularity of CCTV cameras means that the technology behind them is constantly involving. Latest benefits include the functionality to view the surveillance footage on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Keep an eye on your business while you’re at work, or vice versa, so you can always be aware of safety or security risks to your properties and loved ones.

Which alarm system is right for you?

For such a simple and universal concern, there are many options for which home security system to invest in, and no clear winner over the others. To summarise their similarities and differences in a straightforward manner might help to narrow the choice down to see which is right for you.

A bell-only alarm is a relatively cheap security option that is simple to install. As a classic design, it can often act as a deterrent. But with nobody contacted, you must rely on the alarm to attract attention and drive away the intruder. If you’re looking for a simple alarm will little upkeep, the bell-only could be the best choice for you.

Smart home security systems are the most state of the art option for protecting your home or business. You can monitor a site from any location on your tablet or smartphone. However, it is dependent on technology. Both the property in question and you when you’re connected to monitor and respond to it must be in an area with a strong enough wireless signal. If you’re planning to keep an eye on your property 24/7 with the most advanced system, consider smart home security.

The dialler burglar system is a more personal and direct response to forced entry attempts. The security feature will dial a phone number or numbers until one of the nominated contacts picks up. This makes it possible to alert business owners as well as those within a property who may be at risk. But with the possibility that still nobody picks up a call, it is potentially an unreliable system.

The additional cost of a monitoring cost provides you with a professional security company to watch over your home or business, so you don’t have to. This option alleviates most if not all of the pressure of home security, as a private company will notice the alert, attend the scene and contact the police to encourage a response to the attempted break in. While this removes or at least shares the burden, the financial cost is higher and solely the responsibility of the business or homeowner.

CCTV systems, finally, are an immediately recognisable design that can work as a deterrent to anyone potential intruders. With wired and wireless options and a simple installation process, they are highly customisable and can fit the needs of the property and its owner. However, as functionality increases, so does the cost. While CCTV is a versatile choice, the style that suits you might see the price rise considerably for a commonly seen deterrent that may not generate an immediate response unless you or a private company are continually monitoring the footage.

Alarm system prices

The cost of alarm systems can vary greatly depending on your needs and its specifications. There are a lot of factors that will affect the ultimate price. Some of the most basic burglar alarms can be bought for somewhere in the region of £150 if you plan to monitor and install it yourself. Professional installation might then cost you £400 plus the continuing contract for £30 per month.

More sophisticated alarms would see the price increase to £1,000 or more, plus a higher monthly fee for the monitoring and upkeep of the system. While the cost of installing and maintaining an alarm may seem high, the cost of not securing your home or business premises would be so much higher in financial and emotional terms. It’s impossible to put a price on the safety and security of your loved ones.

CompareCompanies can put you in touch with our partners at leading installers to find the best price for you. Use our time saving system and trusted connections to save up to 40% on alarms.

CCTV cameras, meanwhile, can vary significantly in price depending on the functions you require of them and the technology you want to invest in. Traditional wired security cameras act as a recognisable silhouette and trusted deterrent to potential intruders. The continued rise in popularity of the classic CCTV camera attests to its success and functionality.

For the most basic CCTV cameras, you can expect to pay as little as £20. However, if you want the state of the art features, such as wireless installation and mobile monitoring, you can expect to pay more. As a recognisable, affordable deterrent to burglary attempts at your home or business, it’s hard to fault the traditional CCTV camera.

While they are already affordable, you could save up to 40% on the cost of your new CCTV installation when you use CompareCompanies to find a trusted trader to upgrade your property.

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