A conservatory roof quote & buying guide

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The average UK conservatory roof replacement costs between £2,250 and £7000. But there are so many variables that can put the cost at the top or bottom of that scale. We’re going to break down what to consider when getting a conservatory roof quote, including:

  • Which company you’re hiring
  • Your geographical location
  • Roof size
  • Roof material

All of this will affect the cost of the installation.

A conservatory roof quote & buying guide


What to consider when getting a conservatory roof quote

Does the company fit and supply the roof?

If the company just fits the roof, or just supplies the roof, then of course their quote will be lower than if they do both. So, before you get swept up in the excitement of an incredibly low quote, remember to double check if the company you’re looking at provides the exact service you’re after.

Where is your conservatory roof being installed?

Your home’s location in the UK will definitely affect the cost of a conservatory roof installation. A quote could be more expensive if you live in a big city or in a neighbourhood with more valuable properties.

How big is your conservatory roof?

The bigger the roof, the more materials it will take to replace, the more it will cost. When looking for quotes, bear in mind the size of the project you’re embarking on and how that could impact the price.

What material do you want to use?

A conservatory roof is typically made of either glass, polycarbonate or tile. However, each material comes with their own different costs. Glass is typically more expensive that polycarbonate, for example, but it performs better. The frame material, most likely uPVC, aluminium or timber, will also have a bearing on the overall cost.

How many companies service your area?

It’s a good idea to get as many quotes as you can at the same time. This way, you can adequately compare the companies and the services they are offering. When it’s all out on the table, then you can decide which company is exactly right for you.

A conservatory roof quote & buying guide


How to choose a conservatory roof installer

You’ve got your quotes. Now it’s time to decide who to go with. But remember, there are other things to consider other than cost. And just because a company is offering the cheapest deal, it doesn’t mean they’re offering the best.

Does the installer have any accreditations?

Be sure to do your research and check out the company’s reputation. You can check customer reviews online on Google or Which?. You can also check the company’s website to see if they have accreditations. This could be awards they’ve won, or proof of FENSA certification, which demonstrates that they install all their products in accordance with Building Regulations.

Does the conservatory roof fit the character of your home?

Your choice of a transparent or tiled roof will depend, of course, on the style of conservatory you’re after. You’ll want to install a glass roof if you want a conservatory with sweeping, open views. However, if you’re looking for a quieter space to relax, you may want to go for tiles. Whatever style you want, make sure your installer of choice has the necessary materials to do the job.

Does the conservatory roof come with a guarantee?

Before you select an installer, make sure to check that they offer a guarantee as part of their quote. If they don’t, you could end up completely stuck should the roof start to fail. A warranty protects you against leaks and breakages, ensuring that the installer fixes any problems that arise after installation.

A conservatory roof quote & buying guide


Compare conservatory roof prices

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