9 important questions to ask when looking for conservatory roof replacements near you

conservatory roof replacements

Conservatory roof replacements can turn an inhospitable conservatory into a comfortable space, fit for enjoyment throughout the year. However, there are various things you should know before proceeding with one. So, we’ve compiled a list of 9 important questions to ask when looking for a conservatory roof replacement near you.

1. Do I want a tiled, glass, or hybrid conservatory roof?9 important questions to ask when looking for conservatory roof replacements near you

This is a question for yourself and a very important one because the characteristics between conservatory roof replacements are very different. At a basic level, glass roofs let more natural light inside the conservatory and tiled roofs retain more warmth, although the complete picture is much more nuanced than this.

There is also a 3rd option available nowadays, which is a hybrid of the two. One example of a hybrid roof is the SkyVista from Supalite, which is a tiled conservatory roof with integrated full-length glazing panels.

2. Can my conservatory support the extra weight of a replacement roof?

In most cases, your existing conservatory structure will be able to support the new roof. However, in certain cases, additional reinforcement might be required, which may increase cost. If the conservatory structure is also very old, the benefits of replacing the roof will be somewhat restricted. So, you might consider getting some new windows and doors too.

3. How much do conservatory roof replacements cost?

There is no set price for conservatory roof replacement. However, there are various factors that influence the price. This includes:

  • The type of replacement roof (glass, tiles, or hybrid)
  • Conservatory size and style
  • Whether additional reinforcement, new windows, doors, etc. are also required

To give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay, take a look at our conservatory roof prices page. By filling out our short form, you can also compare various quotes for conservatory roof replacement.

4. Can I get a replacement conservatory roof on finance?9 important questions to ask when looking for conservatory roof replacements near you

Some companies offer roof replacement on finance, allowing you to spread the cost out over a period that better suits you. Typical finance deals include:

  • Buy now and pay nothing for 12 months with a small deposit
  • 3 years interest-free credit

Just be wary that you might be declined for finance if you have a poor credit history. Also, make sure to check the terms and conditions before agreeing to any finance package.

5. Does the roof replacement come with a 10-year guarantee?

10-year guarantee is the industry standard, so you should steer clear of any installer who does not offer you this. This guarantee should also be insurance-backed because this means you will still have cover if your chosen installer ceases to trade for any reason.

6. Will I need to get planning permission?

It is unlikely that planning permission will be required, but when changing a polycarbonate roof to a tiled roof, your conservatory will now need to comply with Building Regulations. Therefore, you should ask potential installers whether they will provide you with a certificate that demonstrates your conservatory is compliant with them after the installation is complete.

You can find information on the Building Regulations for conservatories via the Planning Portal.

7. How long does it take to replace a conservatory roof?

A typical installation should take between 3-5 days, and this will include any plastering and electrical work (if required). For very large conservatories, it could take up to a week. Plus, if additional reinforcement, new windows, etc. are required, this will also increase installation time.

8. Do you have a showroom?

Whilst looking at images online can help you get a feel, seeing a replacement roof in person is a much more effective way of determining whether it is right for you. Whilst at the showroom, you can also ask the staff other questions you might have about the process.

If COVID restrictions prevent you from visiting the showroom in person, ask whether you can take a virtual showroom tour instead.

9. Do you have any reviews available online?

Online reviews are a great indication of a company’s track record. You can find online reviews for conservatory roof replacement companies on Which?, Checkatrade.com, Yell, and Google Reviews, although you might even find some on social media websites too.

Here at Compare Companies, we invite those who use us to compare quotes for a conservatory roof replacement to review the companies that we pass their details onto. So, later users can use these reviews to gauge whether that company is right for them.

Have you been thinking of replacing your conservatory roof? Why not compare several competitive quotes for them today. Simply fill out our short form to get started.

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