5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer


At Compare Companies, we’re committed to helping you make your home safer. That’s why we only allow trusted local suppliers and installers into our prestigious network. When you get a quote with us, you can be sure of working with a supplier that won’t let you down.

The reason for this is that they each value security in their home improvements, above all else. Like us, they have a commitment to quality in every aspect of their service, from their installations to the product you get. Because of this, a quote with us can give you essential peace of mind.

You can make your home safer for less with a quote from Compare Companies on a range of products such as:

  • Windows with uPVC and aluminium frames
  • More durable doors
  • Advanced double glazing
  • Conservatory upgrades
  • CCTV and alarm systems

At Compare Companies, we can help you find the best deals on an extensive range of home improvements. Rather than going direct to an installer, you can see the bigger picture with our innovative comparison system. You’ll be able to look through a whole host of suppliers and keep on top of your budget.

You’ll also take back control of your living space, giving you the protection necessary to keep you and your family safe. All of the suppliers in our network use market-leading security hardware to ensure your home is entirely secure. That way, you can protect what matters most.

Why might my home be unsafe?

If you live in an older home, you may have windows, doors and more that are fragile and easy to break. Some windows have wooden frames which can wear down and damage under poor weather, and struggle to deal with large forces. As well as that, your door may also be timber and therefore be prone to impacts.

Another reason your home might not be as safe as it could be is your locks. Many locking systems don’t have structural reinforcement or use cheaper materials to save costs. Because of this, your locks may not be able to withstand break-in attempts and don’t give your space the protection it deserves.

If you have a conservatory or another extended space, this could also be a reason your home isn’t safe. Often, these spaces have doors that feature only single-glazed glass as well as thin frames and hinges. Because of this, intruders could easily rip these doors away, and the glass around your conservatory may not protect your home either.

Furthermore, your home may not have an alarm system that offers further security. We feel that you should feel safe at all times in your home, even when you go to sleep, or you aren’t in. A sophisticated CCTV or burglar alarm system can create a genuine deterrent, and keep your home from intrusion.

Finally, the main reason why your home might not be as safe as it used to be is time. If you haven’t replaced your windows, doors, locks and more for quite a while, then its more likely that they’ll fail you and break.

That also means they’ll need repairing constantly. Because of this, you can save money by simply replacing the older parts of your home with a brand-new, advanced option. With Compare Companies, you won’t just benefit from top quality products and top suppliers, but you’ll also save up to 30% on quotes when you go through us.

Make your home safer with windows with uPVC and aluminium frames

One of the most crucial ways of keeping your home safe from intruders is having durable windows. Many intruders will attempt to use your windows to enter your space. That’s because older wooden windows can often rust under adverse weather and repeated usage, making them more fragile and easier to break.

Because of this, replacing your windows can be a responsible investment that makes your home more secure. With our network of suppliers and installers, you’ll be able to invest in windows with uPVC and aluminium frames. These innovative materials offer your home superior strength and protection.

With uPVC, you can benefit from a material that retains its strength for decades. That’s because uPVC is fully weatherproof and can keep its shape even under excess water. Because of this, it will keep its robustness and make your home safer for decades.

While uPVC is a terrific option for your home, aluminium is an even more effective frame. Aluminium is a metal that has exceptional strength and is also slim and lightweight. That means you can secure your home without compromising on views and natural light, making your home feel brighter and more welcoming.

You can even coat the handles of your windows in aluminium to reinforce them against intrusion. Aluminium works to conceal the internal security hardware of your windows. You’ll get reinforced hinges, springs and locks that will be a nightmare for intruders to break through. That way, you and your family can enjoy your home without worry.

Make your home safer with more durable doors

One of the most effective ways to make your home safer is by ensuring your doors protect your home. The front door is the most common way intruders will try to break into your living space, so getting the right entrance is especially crucial. Fortunately, with Compare Companies, you can get quotes for robust uPVC and composite front doors.

uPVC and composite front doors provide a sleek, welcoming entrance to your home that also keep it safe and secure. As we’ve already seen, uPVC can hold its shape and strength over the years, making it a long-lasting and rewarding investment. You’ll also get an air and water-tight door that makes your home warmer.

With composite front doors, however, you can benefit from a blend of advanced materials. These doors use timber or foam cores, as well as innovative GRP, to create a durable barrier for your home. Not only does this blend make your door stronger, but it also improves your home’s insulation too.

You can also get new doors for any part of your home. For example, you could replace the doors leading into your conservatory or another extended space. Not only does this make your home safer in many other areas, but they feature advanced double glazing, which can help you make your conservatory more comfortable throughout the year.

With Compare Companies, more durable doors won’t just make your home safer. They can also create a seamless connection from your home to your garden. In particular, Sliding or bi-fold doors can give you outstanding security hardware on an in-line slider, maintaining space and adding a focal point to your home.

Make your home safer with advanced double glazing

Upgraded windows and doors don’t just make your home safer with their frames. By installing advanced double glazing, you can also improve the security of your space, and well as much more. Thanks to our network of trusted double glazing specialists, you can be confident of adding glass that can transform your space.

You can replace the glass in your current window to give your home extra protection. That’s because your installer will ensure your double glazing features multi-point locking systems. These smart mechanisms make sure intruders can’t separate your glass from the frame, making sure your window stays locked in place.

As well as that, you can fit your doors with panels of double glazing too. With many of our trusted suppliers, you can have the option to customise composite doors with panels of double glazing, which you can tint and select patterned designs for too. That way, you’ll add style as well as security to the front of your home.

You can even install double glazing in your conservatory or extended space. For example, you could add a glass roof that gives your area more security as well as more warmth. Additionally, you could fit a roof lantern with double glazing into your living room or kitchen, for a stunning design that makes a lasting impression.

With Compare Companies, you can get a clear view of the double glazing market. We’ll provide you with four trusted suppliers who’ll offer you a competitive quote on a range of double glazing products. Because of this, they’ll compete for you and give your home the time and care that it deserves.

Make your home safer with conservatory upgrades

A way to make your home safer that isn’t as obvious as many others is by upgrading your conservatory. If you have one already, you may find that the structure is more fragile than the rest of your home. That’s because your current space may use cheap materials or weak frames, that are easier for intruders to break.

However, you can add a range of products to your conservatory that will transform it into a barrier for your living space. For example, you can replace the doors with reinforced uPVC builds. These doors will feature internal security hardware and reinforced locks to lock your conservatory down.

As well as that, you can upgrade your conservatory roof. Not only will this give you more security, but it can improve the space’s privacy too. With a solid or tiled roof, you can add a cover that keeps your family away from prying eyes. As well as that, they feature effective sound insulation that can block out any unwanted noise from outside.

Additionally, adding a new roof to your conservatory can also improve its comfort. These roofs feature superb insulation that prevents heat transfer from occurring. Because of this, you can stop warmth from escaping your space, and you can keep cold air out as well.

Finally, you could even add brickwork to your conservatory for added security. For example, you could fit a dwarf wall that gives you a stronger base and preserves the structure too. Our installers will do all the work for you, including any additional jobs that arise when upgrading your conservatory.

Make your home safer with CCTV and alarm systems

A final way of giving you and your family added peace of mind is to install CCTV and alarm systems for your home. With these systems, you can make your home safer around the clock, and it’ll also actively warn you against any potential threats. In combination with secure windows and doors, they’ll turn your home into a fortress.

You can install a burglar alarm that provides a deterrent for any intruders. These can either be wireless or wired, meaning you can fit an alarm that works for you. Wired burglar alarms connect to your primary electrical system so that you’ll never have to worry about them running out of batteries.

With a burglar alarm, you’ll be able to control your home’s safety and security from the comfort of your living room. The systems use multiple sensors to detect threats and beam them towards a central control panel. You can see everything around your home there, and make sure your family stays safe.

As well as that, you can get quotes through Compare Companies for technologically advanced CCTV systems. While they were once only available in the business realm, costs have come down while their effectiveness has risen. That way, you can get a stunningly affordable price for a smart system of cameras.

You’ll be able to get in touch with trusted installers who have the experience and know-how necessary to make sure your system performs. Even the sight of these systems can make intruders think twice about targeting your home. Working with us, you can make your home safer and reassure your family.

Make your home safer with Compare Companies

With Compare Companies, you can make your home safer, get on top of your budget, and take total control of the process.

You can start the journey to a safer home by using our online form to begin your quote. Choose exactly how you want to enhance your home’s security measures, and we’ll refer you to trusted suppliers and installers who’ll give you a competitive quote and stunning service.

Additionally, you can call us on 0800 084 5076 today to speak to us directly about our services.

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