5 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

With Compare Companies, you can add a new product that can keep your home warm this winter. As the colder months draw in, it’s crucial to make sure your home can stay warm even as temperatures drop. However, as technology continues to advance, you can add something that protects your home from even the worst weather.

There are plenty of ways to keep your home warm this winter. You may have an underperforming boiler or old windows and doors that let cold air into your space. Additionally, you may have a conservatory that turns into an unusable space in the winter. With our range of suppliers, however, you can find a product that’ll fix these issues.

With Compare Companies, you can remove the risk from your investment. We only refer you to trusted local suppliers and installers who are FENSA and CERTASS-approved. They are double glazing specialists who we know will work to enhance your home with their professional installations.

You won’t just keep your home warm this winter, either. These advanced home improvements can benefit you every day of the year with their brilliant insulation and lightweight materials. Because of this, you can even start saving money and making your home feel like a better place to live when you work with Compare Companies.

Why is my home cold?

You may not be able to keep your home warm this winter because parts of it may be underperforming. For example, your boiler may be wearing down under usage, and it may be using more energy to provide the same amount of heat. As well as that, your walls might let heat escape through poorly insulated areas.

As well as that, plenty of rooms in your home can suffer from poorly insulated parts of your home. These include extended spaces which can often be prone to sudden temperature changes. That’s because older structures can use cheap materials like polycarbonate, which do a terrible job of keeping your home warm.

Another place you can lose energy from your home is through your windows. Many older windows use wooden frames, which lose their performance over time. As well as that, they can crack and twist under excess water, leaving more space for cold air and draughts to play havoc with your living space.

Your doors can also play a role in helping you to keep your home warm this winter. Many doors use cheap materials that allow for a lot of heat transfer. As well as that, they can use glass elements in their design with only single-glazing, meaning your door doesn’t protect your home from cold weather.

Finally, potentially the most significant reason why your home is cold through the winter is time. Over time, many older home improvements lose their performance and their ability to protect your home. That’s why when you work with Compare Companies, you can guarantee you’ll be investing in cutting-edge quality for your home.

Keep your home warm this winter with an upgraded boiler

One significant change you can make to keep your home warm this winter is to upgrade your boiler. Boilers are a crucial component of any home, and the system you have makes a genuine difference to how your home uses energy. With Compare Companies, you can see the bigger picture and look through a vast range of upgraded options for your home.

There are three main types of boiler that are prominent in the UK. Conventional, or ‘heat-only’ boilers use a storage tank, while system boilers combine this with other components as standard to give your home powerful heating. Finally, there’s the combi boiler, which heats your home without needing a storage tank at all.

One key issue to consider is which boiler is right for your home. For example, a combi boiler is ideally suited to flats and smaller detached houses. That’s because it has a compact design with no storage tank, although this means it has lower power. However, you won’t need as much to heat a smaller space, and that way you’ll save more money.

For larger homes, then conventional and system boilers make more sense. They usually have a higher output (measured in kilowatts, or kW) and higher flow rate too, meaning they can heat your home more efficiently. Not only that, but system boilers come with a full set of components, making them straightforward to install.

With our trusted suppliers, you’ll also be sure to get an efficient boiler for your home. A newer system with advanced design can heat your home more effectively despite using less energy, meaning you can save money and keep your home warm this winter. That way, you’ll make your living space much more comfortable for you and your family.

Keep your home warm this winter with double glazing

One of the main reasons your home could be losing energy is through its glass. Many older homes use single-glazed glass panels in their windows and doors. Because they only use a thin pane to keep your home warm, they’re often very inefficient and can lead to your home losing a lot of its natural heat.

In particular, double glazing makes a massive difference to your windows. Not only will you be able to make your home warmer, but double glazing can also give you better views and natural light from outside. With clear glass and slimline frames, you can also make your home warmer while still making it feel part of nature.

Double glazing can also make an impact when you install it in a conservatory. Because these spaces are particularly prone to the temperature outside, getting the right glass is crucial. With our double glazing, you can transform the space from an afterthought into a warm, relaxed space that you and your family can use for a variety of purposes.

Installing this advanced glass can even help your doors save energy for your home too. With their innovative design, as well as the brilliant build quality from our network of suppliers, you can be sure of making an intelligent investment. Our glass can reduce your reliance on central heating too, meaning you can even save money on your bills.

With Compare Companies, you can trust that you’ll only get quotes from trusted double glazing specialists. They only stock double glazing windows, doors and conservatory options with superb build quality and robustness. That way, your glass can also keep your home secure as well as warm, giving you valuable peace of mind.

Keep your home warm this winter with new windows

Double glazing is one way to improve your new windows, but you can also replace the entire structure. Windows from our network of suppliers feature either uPVC or aluminium frames, which have the durability to keep your home warm this winter. These smart structures have brilliant insulation that keeps you comfortable.

uPVC is a smart material that gives your window a protective layer. Not only can it help to keep your home warm, but it’s also robust and fully weatherproof. That way, it’ll keep wind and rain far away from your living space, ensuring comfort and warmth. It also has brilliant sound insulation too, giving you a sense of privacy and seclusion.

Alternatively, you can choose a window with an aluminium frame. These windows have all the benefits of uPVC, but with enhanced security. Aluminium has exceptional strength and helps to conceal the internal hardware of your window. That means intruders will have a nightmare trying to break in.

As well as warming up your home with a durable frame, you can also give your home a brand-new stylish addition. With our network of suppliers, you can often customise windows with a whole host of colours, finishes and accessories. Because of this, you’ll be sure to add a unique window that reflects your personality.

Using our quoting system, you can also see the complete range of window styles you can get for your home. These include innovative sash, tilt and turn and bay windows that provide a bold design as well as outstanding benefits. With Compare Companies, your window is sure to transform your space.

Keep your home warm this winter with a new conservatory roof

Conservatories are infamous for losing their heat in winter, as well as getting too hot in the warmer months. One of the main reasons for this is that your roof might be underperforming. Because your roof comes into the most contact with the sun, it makes a real impact on the warmth of your space.

With Compare Companies, you can transform your extended space with a brand-new roof. New roofing can not only keep your home warm this winter, but it can help your conservatory to blend in with the rest of your property. We can get you competitive quotes on glass, solid or tiled roofs that are smart as well as stylish.

You won’t need to tear your old conservatory down either. Our suppliers offer these roofs as replacement options, saving you money and time. That way, you can revitalise your pre-existing space, turning it into a warm and relaxing room.

Glass roofs use innovative double glazing to make your conservatory warmer without losing any light. You’ll still have a bright and airy space, but one that you can enjoy without artificial heating. You can also customise solid roofs to feature glass panels so that you have total control of how you light the room.

With tiles, you can also make your conservatory feel more private and secluded. They add a natural roofing option to your home that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your space. Also, they won’t weigh down your current structure, making them ideal as a replacement option.

Keep your home warm this winter with added insulation

As we head into this winter, there’s never been a better time to install new insulation in your home. Your walls may not have a robust core of insulation, meaning that heat can easily escape through them. However, you can get quotes with us on suppliers of cavity wall insulation that gives your home a shield from the cold.

At the moment, you can also take advantage of the latest Energy Company Obligation (ECO) agreement from the UK government. As part of this obligation, your home could qualify for a grant worth over £150. Because of this, you can keep your home warm this winter and save more money on your investment as well.

You can get quotes with Compare Companies for cavity wall and loft insulation. With this, you can protect your home from the cold and keep warm air firmly trapped inside your home. This insulation can also improve your home’s efficiency, reducing your reliance on central heating.

Our suppliers and installers can also take any worries out of the installation process. They’ll provide an insulation survey free-of-charge, making sure that they give your home the best possible service. Not only that, but they can tailor their installation schedule around yours for minimal disruption.

Working with Compare Companies, you can guarantee that you keep your home warm this winter. You’ll be able to add products to your home that make a genuine difference. Additionally, you’ll be making a long-term investment in materials that can continue to perform for decades, rewarding you every single day.

Keep your home warm this winter with Compare Companies

To keep your home warm this winter with high-quality products at competitive prices, then Compare Companies is the ideal choice. Use our innovative quote comparison tool today to see not only a range of specialists but all of their products and customisable options too.

Take back control of your home’s temperature. Choose what service you want, and we’ll put you in contact with trusted local suppliers and installers who’ll try and give you the best quote. That way, you’ll be sure of improving your space for less than you’d think.

You can also give us a call on 0800 084 5076 to ask us anything about our services.

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