5 Smart ways to keep your home warm this winter

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As summer time draws to a close and the nights get a little darker a lot earlier, it’s a good time to prepare your home for the coming winter months and brace yourself for that inevitable cold snap. Whether you’d like to take a few small steps to make your home a little toastier, or you have the budget for some bigger improvements; we’ve compiled a list of solutions to suit your needs.

Use your curtains

5 Smart ways to keep your home warm this winter

It may not seem like a simple piece of décor, such as curtains, could do much to make your home warmer and more energy-efficient, but a set of thick curtains could do more than you might realise. By helping to regulate your indoor temperature, curtains can keep you more comfortable whilst saving you money. They act as another barrier that heat has to try and travel through, helping you keep your warm air in and the cold air out. Open your curtains and let the sunlight in during the day to make use of the free heat. When it gets dark, shut your curtains in order to keep that warm air inside. The more you can utilise heat from the sun, the less you’ll have to turn on your heating, meaning your energy bills will be lower.5 Smart ways to keep your home warm this winter


Upgrade your boiler

If your boiler is any more than 10 years old, it may be time to consider replacing it with a newer, and more energy efficient, model. Depending on your current boiler type and house, you could save a significant amount with a new A-rated boiler. A condensing boiler, for example, has a large heat exchanger so it recovers more heat, sends cooler gases up the flue (the pipe that extracts fumes and supplies the boiler with air) and is subsequently more energy efficient. Sometimes the flue gases get so cool that the water vapour in the gas condenses, hence the name, and even more energy is recovered from the condensed vapours. A modern boiler is less likely to cause issues going into the colder winter months.


Use insulation

If you’ve not insulated your loft, or you have old insulation that could use replacing, you could be losing up to 25% of the heat in your home through the roof. Hot air rises, which means a lot of the heat that we lose in our homes escapes through the roof. Loft insulation is effective for, on average, 30 – 40 years and the return on investment is undeniable as you will inevitably save money on your heating bills for years to come.


Use timers on your central heating 5 Smart ways to keep your home warm this winter

A timer allows you to control when your heating and hot water comes on and when it goes off. Setting your boiler to turn on a little earlier, such as 30 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning, at a lower temperature is actually cheaper than turning it on just as you need it at a higher temperature. This is because boilers heat up at a constant speed regardless of the temperature you set on the thermostat. It’s important to remember not to leave your heating on low all day, however, or you’ll be paying for heat when you don’t really need it. Timers allow you to programme your central heating to fit around the way your home is used. If you’re not at home or you’re in bed asleep, then the heating doesn’t really need to be on.

Keep furniture away from radiators

It may sound quite contradictory, but moving your sofa away from in front of your radiator will actually help to keep you warmer. Placing furniture in front of your radiator absorbs the heat that should be dispersed evenly into the room. Moving your favourite seat further away from  the radiator allows hot air to circulate freely. Even though it can be tempting to warm our clothes or towels on a hot radiator, this also prevents heat circulating, so try not to do this too often in order to heat your home effectively.

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