5 home improvements to reduce your energy bills

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As temperatures start to fall, and energy bills continue to rise, many people are thinking out of the box about how they can try to bring down the cost of their gas and electricity bills.

In this article, we look at 10 home improvements that you can make that will impact your energy bills.

Install motion-activated lights

Whilst most energy usage-conscious UK households have made the switch to LED technology already, not many people consider the benefits of motion-activated lights in the home environment.

It’s possible to install a new lighting system from scratch, but it’s also possible to convert or retrofit your existing light fixtures with high-tech bulbs and sensors to go motion activated. Philips Hue lights allow this without any need for re-wiring. You’ll just need the Philips Hue motion sensor, and any Hue lighting product to get set up.

By setting up your lights to only be on when you’re in the room, you’ll be saving electricity. If you’re thinking about upgrading your lights, we’d also recommend considering dimmer switches to again reduce the electricity used by your bulbs.

Upgrade your conservatory Roof

This one of course only applies if you already have a conservatory, but if you do, there are significant energy savings available.

If your property has a sunroom or conservatory, you’ll be well aware of the challenges around heating and cooling it. In the summer, it’s usually too hot, requiring fans and potentially even air conditioning to keep it at a comfortable temperature. In the winter, conservatories often get cold and will need heating to ward off condensation and dampness, let alone allow you to enjoy this valuable space.

Unfortunately, these challenges are part and parcel of the design of your typical conservatory; glass is not a good insulator, and it does very little to block UV energy.

Until recently, high-quality, custom-fitted blinds would have best the best way to overcome the issue of becoming too hot or too cold … but not anymore.

It’s now possible to convert your existing conservatory into a practical and aesthetically pleasing space, whilst also making significant savings on your energy bills.

By installing a solid tiled roof on your conservatory, you can avoid the searing heat that builds up on hot summer days and retain much more heat when temperatures start to fall.

This isn’t a cheap solution, but it’s sure to make a significant difference to your heating and cooling costs. Our conservatory roof comparison tool will search the market and match you with a suitable installer, to contact for a free quote.

Upgrade your central heating & hot water system

This is a big one. It’s common knowledge that a newer, generally more expensive boiler will be more efficient, and therefore cheaper to run. If you have a boiler that’s either not a combination boiler (sometimes referred to as a combi boiler), or it is a combi boiler but it’s more than 5 years old, then you should think about upgrading to a newer, more energy efficient boiler.

If you don’t already have a combination boiler, then this fix is a must, if you’re serious about saving money on your gas bill.

Even if you have a boiler that is less than 3 years old and has a high energy efficiency rating (by gas boiler standards), you could still save money by upgrading your system.

We’re not talking about boilers, but heat pumps. A heat pump converts electricity into heat with up to 400% efficiency, which means that for every unit of electricity consumed, 4 units of energy are output by your heating system. Compare this to the typical energy efficiency of a combi-gas boiler, which operates at around 95% efficiency, and you’ll see why this is an attractive option.

Whilst more and more heating engineers are turning their hands to heat pump installation, finding an installer who specialises in heat pumps over gas boilers can be tricky. Thankfully the Compare Companies Heat Pump Installer Comparison tool can help to put you in touch with an expert in your area.

Install a smart thermostat

Whatever system you use to heat your home, a smart thermostat is a relatively cheap, quick, and easy way to not only monitor and control your heating system but also to save money whilst you do it.

As with motion-activated lighting, ‘smart’ thermostats can be retrofitted, or installed when you’re buying a new system. There are many brands to choose from, most of which will allow you to turn your heating on or off, and up or down via your smartphone.

Install solar panels and a solar battery

Over the past few years, there has been a wide range of government-backed incentives available to homeowners wanting to install solar panels. These have included various feed-in tariffs and grants that would essentially cover the cost of installation within a few years. Whilst most government initiatives surrounding solar have ended, now could not be a better time to go solar.

Thanks to widespread adoption, and production efficiencies, the cost of installing solar panels has fallen, however, there is still one significant financial incentive to install solar panels, energy savings. With gas and electricity unit prices at record highs, the savings available from solar panel installation can quickly cover the upfront costs.

f you’ve already got a solar array, or want to realise further savings, a storage battery is well worth the investment. A solar storage battery will essentially double the potential capacity of your system, by ensuring you’re able to store unused solar energy and use it when the sun isn’t shining.

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Some of these energy-saving home improvement projects require significant investment, however, with UK energy bills set to be fixed at an average of £2,500 in October 2022, the rate at which you recoup your investment through savings is higher than ever.

At Compare Companies, we help you to get the best price on a wide range of energy-saving home improvement products. Just head over to our homepage to pick your product and get started.

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