5 Home Improvements That Save You Money

With Compare Companies, it’s never been more straightforward getting home improvements that save you money. Our comparison service puts an incredible network of trusted suppliers and installers at your fingertips. We’ll refer you for a quote on a range of additions, and you can save up to 30% working with us rather than by going direct.

Today, it’s never been more essential to make your home run efficiently for you. With energy bills on the rise and our climate changing drastically, it’s necessary to ensure your home is reaching its full potential. Fortunately, when you work with us, you can add a whole host of brilliant products to your home that transforms the way it uses energy and saves you money.

Some of the home improvements we at Compare Companies offer that save you money are:

  • Double Glazing Windows
  • Composite Doors
  • Conservatory Roofs
  • Replacement Boilers
  • Solar Panels

Using our service, you can see the big picture and make a more informed investment. For added peace of mind, we’ve vetted our network extensively, so you only get quotes from the best. All of our installers are FENSA and CERTASS-approved and based in your local area too.

You can also be confident of getting a product that has market-leading performance. Our suppliers stop at nothing to provide you with high-quality materials and service. No matter what you decide to invest in, you’ll be investing in quality, security and protection for you and your family.

How can I save money by improving my home?

There are many places in your home where you might be losing energy. Many older properties, for example, have windows that use only single-glazed glass. This glass is prone to excess heat transfer, meaning that lots of your home’s energy can escape through the glass, and cold air can also come into your home through it as well.

Your home may also have wooden doors and window frames. While timber is a sturdy material, it can lose its shape and performance over time. Water can get into cracks in the wood and expand them, causing it to crack and let cold air into your home. Because of this, wood can have a detrimental impact on your home’s efficiency.

If you have a conservatory, you may be losing heat through that space too. Many older structures use polycarbonate in their roofing and surrounding panels. The material is weak and inefficient, letting heat escape. The result is an uncomfortable space that costs you money to regulate.

Also, when you do heat your home, you could be losing even more money. If you’ve had your boiler for an extended period, it could start to lose performance. Because of this, you’ll need to use more water to create the same amount of heat, meaning the costs of operating it will only increase over time.

Finally, your home may also rely on natural gas and oil in its heating. These aren’t renewable sources, and put a strain on our environment by emitting more carbon dioxide. Also, as household costs will only grow in the years to come, the responsible choice is to make your home futureproof with stunning new home improvements.

Double Glazing Windows

Installing new double glazing windows will provide your home with stunning benefits. With Compare Companies, you can not only get brand new windows, but you can also replace the glass in your current ones. No matter your budget, our network of suppliers can enhance your home with glass that transforms your living space.

In these energy efficient designs, double glazed glass and either a uPVC or aluminium frame work together to trap heat inside your home.

That way, you can stay warmer and more comfortable in your living space. You’ll also add better natural light and outstanding views to your home, thanks to the clear glass and slimline frame.

Thanks to our network, you won’t only find a brilliant range of suppliers but also a stunning array of window styles too. As well as standard casement windows, you can add sliding sash windows that have an elegant upward opening. Alternatively, you could invest in tilt and turn windows that use their flexible design to fit in even the smallest spaces of your home.

You will have complete control over your investment. If you want to replace your whole window, then you’ll be able to add a durable uPVC or aluminium frame. uPVC is fully weatherproof, keeping wind and rain away from your space. Aluminium, meanwhile, has exceptional strength and can make your home secure and safe.

Even if you decide only to replace your window’s glass, you’ll benefit massively. The two panels trap heat in a vacuum and create a thermal shield for your home. That way, you can stay warm without relying on your central heating, and you could save over a hundred pounds on energy bills every single year.

Composite Doors

Your front door is the first thing most people see of your home. With a composite front door, you can make that first impression a brilliant and lasting one. With Compare Companies, you can add composite doors that provide your home with strength and vibrancy. Not only that, but many of our suppliers give you endless options to customise the design.

Unlike standard wooden doors, these composite designs use a blend of materials. There’s a solid timber core as well as GRP (Glass Resistant Plastic) and uPVC to coat the wood. That way, you get more insulation and security, and you won’t have to worry about your timber cracking in adverse weather.

Composite doors are the most secure option on the market. While the materials are already incredibly durable, our suppliers and installers don’t leave anything to chance. With internal security hardware, reinforced locks and even cutting-edge handles, you’ll be investing in a barrier between your home and intruders.

These advanced doors can also save you money over time. That’s because composite doors can perform for decades, thanks to their blend of materials. Not only does this mean you won’t have to shell out for repairs, but you won’t even have to maintain them regularly. Wiping them down on occasion is all these stunning designs need.

The main benefit of composite doors, however, is that these are home improvements that save you money. They have air and water-tight design that eliminates the space which heat can escape your home through. Not only that, but their outstanding insulation makes your home warmer, and can help you cut down on your energy usage.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Your conservatory can be a bright, warm space that becomes the focal point of your home. However, if it’s an older structure, it may suffer from excess heat transfer because of poor build quality and cheap materials. With Compare Companies, however, you can choose a new conservatory roof that makes a surprising impact.

Your roof comes into the most direct contact with the sun. Because of this, it’s a crucial component of how the space channels energy. With a new roof, you can put a thermal barrier between your home and the sun. These roofs use either solid concrete, tiles or advanced double glazing to regulate your home’s temperature.

With a solid roof, you can give your home more privacy as well as better insulation. These roofs insulate your space and make it usable every day of the year by making the temperature more stable. Additionally, you can add panels of double glazing to solid roofs, giving you total control of your home’s natural lighting.

A tiled roof is also a brilliant option. With our network of suppliers, you’ll be sure to add a roof that uses lightweight tiles. That means they won’t weigh down the pre-existing structure. Additionally, they are also fully weatherproof and can stop wind and rain entering your space, creating draughts and damp spots.

With Compare Companies, you can get a replacement roof or even a whole new space. Our trusted suppliers won’t just install this, however, but do any other work that arises from the installation. That way, you’ll get even better service for an even lower price, meaning you can save money instantly.

Replacement Boilers

Heating your home already costs enough. But with an older boiler, you’ll find that it sets you back even more. If you’ve had your system for several years, it may be losing its efficiency, and taking more time and water to heat your home in the same way. With a new boiler, however, you can eliminate these problems and save a considerable amount.

With Compare Companies, you can be confident in getting a stunning quote on a new boiler. These are home improvements that are guaranteed to save you money. Not only that, but you can also save space in your home and become more environmentally friendly.

For example, you could install a combi boiler for your home. These systems are perfect for one or two-bed houses, as they boast a compact design that doesn’t have a storage tank. Their design makes them cheaper to run and more comfortable to hide away.

Alternatively, if you have a larger space, then the Compare Companies network can also refer you for quotes on system and conventional boilers. They have a more prodigious output and flow rate, meaning you’ll get enhanced heating performance. However, you will find you have to pay a little more for these impressive designs.

A new boiler can save you money from the first day of installation. These modern boilers also have increased flow rates across the board, meaning you can produce more heat for less. That way, you’ll make your home more efficient, and you can put money back in your pocket from the first day of installation.

Solar Panels

We at Compare Companies know that making homes more environmentally friendly is one of our biggest tasks. With our network, we are committed to offering a range of sustainable home improvements that transform your home. One such innovation is solar panels, which we’re proud to provide for a competitive price.

The solar panel market has grown considerably in the UK over the last few years. In 2017, there were over 700,000 installations in this country alone, and this has made solar power an affordable choice for homeowners everywhere. These panels can drastically reduce your energy usage, and can even power your home entirely in warm weather.

Because of this, switching to solar is proven to reduce your energy bills considerably.

You can choose between PV panels, which use cells that connect electronically to create a mesh of semi-conductors. These often use silicon to give you the maximum amount of light and energy absorption. Although each panel can start at around £350, they make such a difference to your home’s energy that you’ll earn this back in a few short years.

Working with Compare Companies can make your investment an even more sensible one, and take the risk out of it too. With our network, you can benefit from quotes up to 40% lower than you would find going direct. We are proud to offer a stress-free home improvement service for your home.

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