5 home improvements that could damage the value of your home

5 home improvements that could damage the value of your home

2021 was a period where much of our time was spent at home. Sow whilst lockdowns ease and life returns to normal, it could be the  best time to get around to those home improvements that you’ve always wanted. However, if you’ve made the decision to improve your home, it’s important you’re aware of these 5 home improvements that could adversely affect your property’s value.

1. Polycarbonate roof conservatories5 home improvements that could damage the value of your home

Adding a conservatory that is well-built, suitable for your property and comfortable to use can add up to 5% onto the value of your home. However, despite being the cheapest conservatory option, polycarbonate roof conservatories could devalue your home.

In the past, they have been criticised for their inability to keep out noise from the wind and rain. Where they have come under the most criticism, however, is issues with extreme colds in the winter and sweltering heat in the summer, which causes them to be inhospitable for long periods of the year.

Although there are companies offering polycarbonate roofs with a much-improved thermal performance nowadays, these issues could easily put off prospective buyers who might feel they will need to replace the roof to make the conservatory suitable for use. Therefore, you might be better off looking at a glass or tiled conservatory roof instead.

2. Outdoor swimming pools

Whilst a swimming pool may seem like a good investment when the time comes to sell your home, the British weather can easily deter any prospective buyers. Combining this with how much it costs to maintain a swimming pool could reduce your property’s value by as much as £20,000!

3. C rated double glazingwindows

If your home is currently fitted with single glazing or old double glazing, updating it to modern, more energy-efficient double glazing is an excellent idea. Doing this will improve your property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, which can increase its value. For example, homes with an EPC of A can be valued as much as 14% higher than a property with an EPC of G.

However, opting for C rated double glazing, which is the minimum standard for thermal performance currently required by Building Regulations, may have a negative effect on property value. This is because the Future Homes Standard, which was announced by the UK government in 2020, aims to significantly improve the minimum energy efficiency standards for New Build homes by 2025.

So, whilst that C rated double glazing might be cheaper to install, it could be considered obsolete in a few years. Therefore, making your home less attractive to prospective buyers. However, you can ensure your home meets future standards of thermal performance by opting for double glazing which achieves a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A or above.

4. New windows and doors that are unsuitable for your property’s age/style

Whilst it’s true that new windows and doors can make your home more secure, energy-efficient and attractive, it’s also important that they are in keeping with your property’s existing character.

For example, if you were to fit a period property with slimline aluminium windows, which are considered a more contemporary window design, this could spoil the property’s character in the eyes of prospective buyers. As a result, they are likely to lower any offers.

However, using a specialist window and door installer will ensure that any new windows or doors will maintain the character of your home.

5. Removing the bathbathtub

Removing the bath and replacing with a shower can create space in a bathroom. Plus, a shower is an attractive prospect for many buyers.

However, a bath is more convenient for bathing kids and cleaning animals, meaning pet owners and families with young children might be put off by the prospect of no tub. It might also be a dealbreaker for anyone with plans to start a family.

Having both options available means the likelihood of deterring prospective buyers is decreased. So, if you have a small bathroom with a bathtub in it, we recommend opting for a small bath with an inbuilt shower.

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