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A guide to solar panel installations and how much they cost

Solar panels have increased in popularity over recent years as more home owner in the UK are used to capture energy from the sun. It is important to note that energy is still produced when it is cloudy. The solar panels contain photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert the sunlight into electricity to be used in your home or business and also benefits the environment by lowering carbon emissions.

Solar panels have increased in popularity over recent years as more home owners in the UK take advantage of nature’s greatest resource – energy generated by the sun.

Photovoltaics, or solar PV, are a type of solar cell that uses semiconductor technology to convert energy from sunlight into electricity.

The good news is that the price of solar PV has been steadily decreasing – and as new technologies develop new ways of making solar energy components – the cost of solar panels is likely to decrease further making them an excellent investment choice. Find out here how long it takes solar panels to pay for themselves

Many people may have the stereotype that switching to renewable energy is difficult or a waste of time and money however this could not be further from the truth. Using sustainable energy can be very financially rewarding, quick, and easy when you know the facts and use a trusted solar panel supplier and installer.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about solar panels including

  1. how many solar panels you’ll need,
  2. the cost of installation, to
  3. the financial and environment gains you stand to make by using them so that you and your family can take advantages of the many benefits of renewable energy.

How do PV solar panels work?

Inside a PV solar panel, there are a group of cells connected electronically that are grouped into the frame of the panel. These cells are made of different types of semi-conductors (the most popular is silicon) which absorb sunlight and convert it into energy.

An electrical circuit is formed as each conductor is attached to both positive and negative terminals and it’s from this that electrons can be taken as electricity

Where are solar panels installed?

Solar photovoltaic panels are often seen on the roofs of homes around the UK but can also be installed as ground-mounted units in your garden. There are also solar farms in fields that include thousands of solar panels used to generate electricity on a commercial basis.

Benefits of solar panels

As the popularity of solar panels continues to increase all over the country, more people are wondering what benefits they could receive by switching to renewable energy.

  • PV panels are a cost effective way of generating electricity
  • With the initial purchase and installation cost being recouped over a number of years by lower fuel bills.
  • You can benefit from the Feed-In Tariff scheme that is supported by the Government
  • Potentially selling surplus electricity that your solar panels have helped generate to the National Grid.

What happens if the solar panels do not generate enough electricity?

This is not a problem as you can continue to utilise and pay for electricity from the National Grid.

Which solar panel installer should you choose?

You should use an installer who is Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited otherwise you will not qualify for the Feed-In Tariff scheme. Here's our guide to find out which solar panels are best for your home

What size solar power system will your home need?

To generate enough electricity, the average home will require a 3kW or 4kW solar system.

Typical size of solar system Typical Cost
1kW £1,600
2kW £3,100
3kW £5,100
4kW £6,100

The next step?

We have a panel of nationwide, accredited solar panel suppliers and installers. So, why not get in contact with us and we will arrange for you to be contacted by a number of them to discuss your requirements and provide free, no-obligation quotes for PV solar panels.

For an average property housing two adults, it is estimated that you will need eight solar panels. This will usually cost between £3000 and £5000 on average.

Domestic and commercial properties alike can benefit from solar panels, and generating your own electricity through solar power can save you money in the long-term.

In the last 10 years, solar panels have been installed onto the roofs of over 700,000 homes in the UK. They are a worthwhile investment to consider as they can save you money on your bills. 

Even in the UK, in areas that are not traditionally associated with sunshine all through the year, solar panels can help you lower your energy bills and reduce the UK's greenhouse gas emissions. 

Solar panels last for up to 20-25 years before the technology they use becomes inefficient. They will work over this period of time to save you money and make back your initial investment. 


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