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Heat Pump Prices 2019

Heat pump prices range from £6,000 to £18,000, depending on the type of heat pump you are installing. Heat pumps could save you thousands of pounds on your energy bills each year. Choose between two main types of heat pumps, an air source heat pump and a ground source heat pump.

Air Source Heat Pump Prices

Depending on your home specifications, an air source heat pump will cost between £6,000 and £10,000. Air source heat pumps are the more cost effective solution to install in your home than a ground source alternative. Once you have your new air source heat pump installed there are many incentives available.

Air to Water Heat Pump

An air to water heat pump is a system that is designed to distribute heated water into the radiators connected to a homes central heating. This is an ideal solution for homes that contain underfloor heating systems.

Air to Air Heat Pump

An air to air heat pump takes the warmth from the outside air which it then uses in warm air vent heating systems. Air to air heat pumps cannot be used to heat the water in your home.

Ground Source Heat Pump Prices

Installing a ground source heat pump will cost between £9,500 and £18,500. A ground source heat pump will offer homeowners savings up to 50% off their heating bills in comparison with other heat systems. The indoor elements of the ground source heat pumps will last for a duration of 25 years, whereas the in ground loops can last hundreds of years.

Veritical Ground Source Heat Pump

A vertical ground source heat pump involves drilling a hole of up to 100mm in depth to the ground outside your home. To achieve electricity at a rate of 8kW, you may need to allow your installer to drill three of these boreholes.

Horizontal Ground Source Heat Pump

Horizontal ground source heat pumps usually require half a hectare of land in order for a successful installation. The heat pump installation process involves a curved loop of piping or straight piping into a trench around 120cm beneath the ground.

Water Based Ground Source Heat Pump

A less common choice for a ground source heat pump is the water based option, which extracts water from a pond or a lake. The pond of lake requires to be a certain size in order to achieve success.

Compare Heat Pump Prices

Compare heat pump prices with CompareCompanies and let us provide you with a competitive quote for your home. When you compare heat pump costs with us, you can save up to 30%. Simply complete our heat pump contact form and receive up to 4 free quotes for your local area. Take advantage of our heat pump knowledge today.

We will connect you with up to 4 trusted heating suppliers who will provide you with a no-obligation survey or quotation free of charge. Each heat pump company registered with us is Gas Safe registered and has a year or more worth of trading history behind them to give you the confidence you need.

Heat pumps work by moving heat from one location to another. This is done using only a fraction of the energy that would usually be used by heating systems to do the same. 

Heat pumps allow you to reduce the amount of gas and electricity used to heat your home. This means you can reduce your carbon footprint and make your home greener as well as warmer. 

Ground source heat pumps use natural heat from underground to heat the water in your home, and air source heat pumps use the air outside. They each offer their own distinct advantages. 

An air source heat pump will usually cost between £6,000 and £10,000. A ground source heat pump is more expensive, ranging between £9,500 and £18,500. It is also worth considering how they can save you money as investments. 

Heat pumps require very little maintenance to perform their best. You may occasionally need to defrost it after a very cold snap, and some homeowners choose to get a small shelter or cover to protect it and prevent this. 


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