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Windows and Doors

We have helped homeowners compare companies across the whole of the UK for over 10 years. There are a wide variety of windows and doors on the market from a huge range of installers. Fill in the form on this page to request your quotes. The same companies that install windows will be able to provide the doors as well so there is no need to look for different companies for each of the products.

New windows and doors - main advantages

  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Take advantage of new uPVC double glazed units.
  • Reduce energy bills.
  • Choice of styles and colours.
  • Condensation inside the windows reduced.
  • Lower noise levels coming from outside the home.
  • Fewer draughts making it more comfortable.

What to do next

With so many companies offering new windows and doors it is important that you select a company that will provide a quality product and carry out the installation work to a very high standard. In that respect, you will be pleased to read we have a panel of reputable companies that will be able to supply and fit your new windows and doors. So, why not enter your details with us today. We will put you in touch with a number of companies near to you who will help you to understand how your potential project could cost you if you were to go ahead.

Is it finally the time to refresh your home with a brand new set of stylish windows and doors? It’s something many homeowners want to do but fear of an unknown cost puts them off doing so. It’s understandable so we here at CompareCompanies want to pass on to you some rough budgets you should plan for if there’s no putting off having the work done any longer.

The advantages to installing new windows and doors onto your property are many and they include:

  • reduction in the size of your energy bills
  • a range of finishing options
  • reduction of condensation and lower noise levels
  • reduction or elimination of draughts into your home
  • stylish, contemporary, and long lasting

The best way to get the new windows and doors you want at the most affordable price is to get three to four quotes from experienced installers because they compete with each other to make sure they win your business. And that competition means that the price you end up paying may be up to 40% off than if you had gone for one quote for a more expensive provider.

Here at CompareCompanies, we’ve partnered with hundreds of reputable, experienced, and qualified new window and door installation companies across the UK. Fill in the form at the top of this page and let us put you in touch with three or four of them near to you – get them around, ask the questions whose answers you need to know, and get the right price for you. We don’t charge for our service and there is no obligation on you to accept any of the quotes given to you by our partner installers.

How much does it cost to put new windows and doors onto my home?

The cost of installing windows and doors onto your property depends on the number of windows and doors you’re replacing, the material the doors and windows are made from, the energy efficiency grading of the material chosen, and the complexity of installation.

For standard casement windows, you should expect to budget the following amount for the following types of installation:

Property type Windows to be replaced Guide quotation prices
Flat 4 £2,040-£2,240
Small house 8 £4,080-£4,480
Medium house 10 £5,050-£5,650
Large house 15 £7,625-£8,425

New windows offer you a choice of the number of handles and hinges used to open a window and the way in which a window opens. Per frame for an average sized window, you should expect to pay within the guidelines of the prices below including installation and VAT:

Design style of double glazed window Price per window (white UPVC)
Casement windows Between £265 and £455
Tilt and turn windows Between £405 and £680
Dual turn windows Between £430 and £715
Sash windows Between £530 and £940
Bay windows (per section) Between £990 and £1,710

The choice and variety of external doors for your property is even wider than the choice and variety available for windows. As a rule of thumb, expect to pay £250-£350 for uPVC doors, £200-£950 for wooden doors, and from £600 for composite doors.

What material are modern windows and doors made from?

Modern windows and doors are available in a choice of four materials at different price points each with their own strong set of advantages for households to consider when deciding on improving their home.

uPVC windows and doors

uPVC is the most popular framing and construction material for replacement windows and doors in the UK thanks to the many and varied different advantages it offers to homeowners, particularly those who want to achieve the best result on the tightest budgets.

uPVC is long-lasting, looks great, resists the most extreme conditions that the British climate can throw at it, and, now, most uPVC manufactured in the UK is 100% recyclable making it much more environmentally friendly than ever before.

The most common colour of both uPVC windows and uPVC doors is white however, thanks to major advances in manufacturing techniques over the last 20 years, a variety of colours is now available for homeowners to choose from. Please be aware than white uPVC is the standard type of uPVC and that there will be a small premium to pay if you want to have non-white uPVC.

Timber windows

Timber windows and doors (often referred to as wooden windows and doors) last up to 50 years when properly maintained.

Timber windows and doors add real value and aesthetic elegance to a home, especially period properties fifty years or older. Their insulation properties are superb meaning that you keep the noise from outside from penetrating your home and that you keep the warmth inside from escaping onto the street.

Because of their classic looks, the more expensive source material, and the complex production and treatment processes involved in the manufacture of timber windows and doors, they often command an additional 40-50% premium on price over uPVC windows and doors.

Aluminium windows

Very much in line with current home design trends, the metallic look offered on metal or aluminium framing for windows has been growing in popularity over the last ten years.

Aluminium windows are very light and very durable – their manufacturing process also imbues the frames with the ability to resist decay and corrosion over a very long space of time, especially when they are maintained correctly. They are more malleable and flexible than uPVC or wooden frames too meaning that they can be more easily deployed on complex window shapes like circles.

Composite windows and doors

Composite windows and doors have only recently started to enter wide scale manufacturing in the last few years and, in the mind of many installers, they are the superior material for use on domestic doors and windows because of their extremely long life span.

Visually, they have the wow factor as they marry together the effortless aesthetics of metal framing cladded onto the surface of hardwood framing. They’re fully recyclable, very low maintenance, reliable, and strong – composite windows and doors seem to last forever and deliver excellent insulation qualities as well as considerable potential savings on utility bills through superior energy efficiency.

The advantages of installing new doors and windows

There are six real benefits to upgrading your home’s doors and windows – benefits that you’ll enjoy as a homeowner and benefits that means that your property will sell faster when the time comes to sell up.

Better energy efficiency

New doors and windows are a great way of insulating your home – in some cases, they might be just as or even more effective than cavity wall or loft insulation depending on the configuration of your home. Given how cold it gets in the British winter, just how much money do we waste as a country heating homes where a large proportion of the heat we’ve created escapes through our older doors and windows?

Modern uPVC doors are supplied with ultra-modern multi-locking systems which, because of the way they’re manufactured and installed, keep draughts out permanently.

Lower energy bills are a major benefit of investing in double-glazed new windows with average annual energy bill savings per household with the installation of “A”-rated windows are:

  Estimated annual energy bill savings
Detached house £105-£110
Semi-detached house £75
Mid-terrace house £55
Detached bungalow £55
Mid-floor flat £35

The savings you enjoy should also noticeably increase with the installation of a brand new door. Energy efficient doors and windows decrease your use of air conditioning in the summer, heating in the winter, and they provide a much more even delivery of both heating and cooling throughout your household.


If you’ve ever suffered from a burglary or if you know someone who has, you’ll understand more than most the distress and upset that the knowledge that a stranger has been in your home can cause. Your home is a place of safety and sanctuary for your family but, in the days and weeks following a break-in, those feelings of safety and sanctuary take a real knock.

Prevention is better than cure and, with the security features built in to modern doors and windows, an opportunistic burglar will likely pass on the opportunity to break into your home and select an easier target instead.  Most modern windows and doors benefit from the inclusion of tough, high-performance locking mechanisms with shoot-bolts and anti-snap cylinders – make sure you ask your installer for the most secure solution if this a priority for you.

Better looking

New windows and doors refresh the appearance of a property in quite a unique way transforming a tired-looking home into a contemporary, warm, and inviting household for you, your family, your friends, and your guests. Replacement doors and windows really modernise your property at a comparatively affordable price – ask your installer for information on the latest styles and trends in new windows and doors.

Block noise from the outside

Modern windows and doors are manufactured so that less noise than ever before can be heard from inside your home. With modern double-glazing, the presence of two panes of glass sandwiching a heavier-than-air gas like argon bounces sound from your back garden or your street back out – did you know that special glass called “noise control” glass can block out 75% more sound than standard annealed or toughened glass?

Modern doors are also built to provide households from intrusive noises from the outside because of the locking system used and the additional layers of installation contained within your door.

Make your home more sellable

Kerb appeal is so important when you’re selling your home – you really want a potential purchaser to feel the right feelings about your property before they’ve crossed the threshold and those right feelings stay as you show them around.

More light in your home

You can choose to replace your windows or doors to the exact dimensions of your current windows or doors or you can ask your installer to create larger spaces for bigger and more impressive doors and windows to let light flood your rooms during the day. Please bear in mind that the creation of larger spaces on your property for windows and doors with bigger dimensions will add to both material and labour costs.

How do I guarantee I get the best price for my new windows and doors?

Fill in the form at the top of this page and we’ll put you in touch with three to four professional, qualified, and experienced new window and door installers all certified by either FENSA and/or CERTASS. By getting potential suppliers to compete for your business, you may end up paying up to 40% less than if you just got one quote on its own.

Make the most of each installer quote visit by asking the questions you want answering and finding out all the options available to you for your new windows and doors. We don’t charge for our service and you’re not under any obligation to accept any quote given to you by our partner installers.

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