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uPVC Windows

Replacing your existing windows with double-glazed uPVC windows will not only refresh the look of your home, it will reduce the amount of energy you use, keep your home cool in the summer & warm in the winter, and it could even push up the value of your home.

uPVC windows are the most popular type of replacement window here in the UK but with so many different types of uPVC window to choose from and with so many installers out there, how do you know what’s right for you and what you’ll need to budget for the job?

Every property and every homeowner is different but we’ve listed below the most commonly-occurring types of work that installers fit together with guide prices:


Type of Home Type of Property Made From Number of Windows Estimated Installation Price
2-bed flat Casement uPVC 4 £1,575
2-bed flat Sash uPVC 4 £2,800
2-bed terraced house Casement uPVC 5 £2,050
2-bed terraced house Sash uPVC 5 £3,950
2-bed semi Casement uPVC 7 £2,700
2-bed semi Sash uPVC 7 £4,700
3-bed semi Casement uPVC 9 £3,400
3-bed semi Sash uPVC 9 £5,900
3-bed detached Casement uPVC 12 £4,500
3-bed detached Sash uPVC 12 £6,900
4-bed detached Casement uPVC 15 £5,550
4-bed detached Sash uPVC 15 £8,300

Benefits of uPVC windows

  • Easy to maintain as no painting is required.
  • Do not rot or rust so last longer.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Keep out damp.
  • Cheaper than wooden or aluminium windows.
  • Come in a range of colours and styles.
  • When combined with double glazing, reduces heat loss and outside noise.

How uPVC Window Cost are Calculated?

You can use one of the many uPVC windows cost calculators available online but they’re not always going to be able to supply you with accurate and reliable pricing.

Why is that? An installer really needs to see your home before they can give you an accurate quote. There are lots of different factors to consider during an installation, including:

  • what your new uPVC windows are replacing,
  • whether any work needed to be done on your home to secure the new uPVC windows, and
  • how many people it will take to install them and how long it will take.

There’s also the energy efficiency of your windows to think about. You might want to have windows boasting the very highest energy efficient standard but is it really worth the extra cost? You may not need to depending on the type of property you live in and the surrounding areas.

uPVC windows prices vary greatly too depending on who has manufactured them. There are lots of competing companies in the marketplace and sometimes it might be difficult to understand why two near-identical windows are priced so differently.

You might search for B&Q uPVC windows or uPVC windows at Wickes to find that their prices may be slightly cheaper supply-only but if you want to have them installed, that the fitting team comes to more than you’d pay a local, independent fitter.

You can only really get a true picture in the round by having a professional and qualified installer quote you for the work.

uPVC windows supply only

For your uPVC windows, DIY is an option you might want to consider. There are plenty of shops, both online and in the real world, which can supply you with a wide range of uPVC windows. If you choose to install your uPVC windows yourself, you will undoubtably pay less for the overall job because you’re not paying for a professional installer to put them in for you.

Changing multiple windows and replacing them with uPVC windows is a big job. Please bear in mind before you embark on a self-installation that:

  • you are certain that your DIY and construction skills are developed enough to do the work, and
  • for most of the work, you will need someone to help you. Who will you be able to ask for assistance and are you sure of their DIY skills?
  • you will need to make sure that the job is of such a high standard that it is compliant with building regulations

uPVC windows installation

Another option is to buy the uPVC window yourself and ask an installer to put them in. This may be a false economy though unless you’re very well connected in the building trade.

An installer may buy hundreds of thousands of uPVC windows from their preferred suppliers every year. Most uPVC window manufacturers, in common with other sectors of the economy, will reward the companies that buy most from them with significant discounts on the wholesale price.

You may find it difficult to persuade a manufacturer to sell you their new uPVC windows for any less than retail price, let alone discounted against wholesale price. That’s why, in our opinion, it’s better to get an installer not only to purchase the windows from you but fit them too. After all, they can’t pass on any discount they’ve received from their manufacturer to you if it was you who bought the uPVC windows in the first place, not them.

uPVC windows for conservation areas

Most of the time, you won’t need any planning permission for your new uPVC windows. And did you know that, if you’re a landlord wanting to replace windows in one of your properties with uPVC windows, this is one of the few home improvements you can make where you can deduct the cost from your annual profits to reduce your tax bills?

You may need planning permission if you live a in listed building, the home being upgraded to uPVC windows is in an area of conservation, or your home is subject to a directive called Article 4. Please note too that if you live in a leasehold flat, you may need the permission of the freehold to make these alterations.

uPVC windows price – what can affect the size of your quote?

Because uPVC windows are so customisable to your own needs and wants, there are many different things in your quote that can affect how much you’ll end up paying. The key to getting the best deal to fit within your budget is to talk to the person giving you a quote so they can run through the options with you.

Type of glass used

There are over 10 different types of glass that can be placed inside your uPVC window and the choice you end up making will have a direct bearing on cost. Some glazing can cost twenty times that amount that others cost so it really does pay to make sure that you tell an installer what you want your uPVC windows to do and then run through the options with them.

Type of window

What you’ll pay will also depend on the type of window you have. The four main types of window are:

  • Casement: Casement windows are hinged windows which can be opened by using the handle on that particular frame. You can specify where you want the hinge place – at the bottom, on the side, or at the top.
  • Sash: Sash windows are the stylish types of window you associate with homes before the invention of double glazing. You have an upper pane and lower pane – you slide the lower pane upwards to open the windows.
  • Tilt and turn:Tilt and turn windows are like the more advance cousin of casement windows. Whereas a casement window can only be opened one way, a tilt and turn window can be open vertically or even inwards.
  • Dual turn: Just like with a sash window, there is an upper pane and a lower pane. With a dual turn window, instead of the bottom pane sliding upward, both panes open in a rotating fashion.

For each type of window, you’d be looking at the following installed prices:

Window Type Height Width Quotes ranged from-to
uPVC casement 500mm 500mm £240 - £400
uPVC casement 600mm 900mm £260 - £420
uPVC casement 1,000mm 1,000mm £330 - £430
uPVC casement 1,200mm 1,200mm £365 -£470
uPVC sash 500mm 500mm £450 - £640
uPVC sash 600mm 900mm £490 - £780
uPVC sash 1,000mm 1,000mm £630 - £830
uPVC sash 1,200mm 1,200mm £740 - £950
uPVC tilt & turn 600mm 900mm £390 - £580
uPVC tilt & turn 800mm 800mm £410 - £600
uPVC tilt & turn 1,000mm 1,000mm £480 - £640
uPVC tilt & turn 1,200mm 1,200mm £520 - £700
uPVC dual turn 600mm 900mm £400 - £650
uPVC dual turn 800mm 800mm £440 - £680
uPVC dual turn 1,000mm 1,000mm £520 - £680
uPVC dual turn 1,200mm 1,200mm £540 - £740

Energy Efficiency

All uPVC windows are given an energy efficiency rating ranging from G (which offers little or no energy efficiency) right up to A+ (offering around £125 a year in savings on utility bills). A good rule of thumb is to shop around (or ask your installer to do so) because you’re not guaranteed to see any noticeable difference by spending more on a window with a certain energy rating than buying one with the same energy rating for a lower price.

Difficulty of Installation

It’s much easier for an installer to replace your current windows with uPVC windows on the ground floor rather than any other floor. Let’s look at how this can affect the price:

Window type Window width Window height Ground floor cost Second floor cost
uPVC casement 600mm 900mm £535 £595
uPVC casement 900mm 1,200mm £810 £870
uPVC casement 1,200mm 1,200mm £870 £930

If you live in a townhouse or your home has 4 stories, installations of uPVC windows on these floors will carry a large premium.

Number of windows fitted during a job

Any uPVC window installation company wants to have their fitters booked up in advance for weeks. Why is that? First, because they want to keep them busy because if they’re busy, the company’s making money. Second, by knowing in advance what they’ve got to buy in from their manufacturers for their customers, thy can negotiate a discount (and this increases the profit on a job).

It’s always going to be cheaper for you to have the whole house done in one go than it is to do it over two or three stages.

uPVC windows Guarantees

When choosing your installer, you should be looking for different types of guarantee. 10 year guarantees on uPVC hardware (think frame, sashes, handles, and so on) should be standard. You should look for the same length guarantee on your uPVC window’s sealing.

The workmanship (what the fitters do) ideally should be ten years too but many reputable fitters offer five.

Make sure your installer offers you an insurance-backed guarantee so that, if, for whatever reason, the company installing the windows in your home should cease trading, that another company will carry out repairs and offer replacements at no charge.

What should be on your quote for uPVC windows?

When you’ve got your quote for uPVC windows for your home, make sure that you’re satisfied that the potential installer has done a full and complete technical survey. If you’re not sure, ask him or her to provide you with it.

You’ll need to make sure as well that your quote includes the removal and legal disposal of your old windows. The quote should be fixed and it should show that the final price includes materials, labour, and VAT. On townhouses and homes with four floors or more, your installer will probably need to use scaffolding – if it’s not on there, ask why. If they say it’s not needed, ask them to write and sign a note saying that, if scaffolding is needed, that you will not be charged for it.

uPVC windows installation – how should I choose my installer?

We would recommend that, for peace of mind, you select either a FENSA or CERTASS installer. FENSA and CERTASS are independent quality-standard bodies which impose a minimum set of standards on partner installers to protect the consumer. One of these is that a job must be done to such a high quality that a FENSA or CERTASS installer is qualified and trusted enough to certify the jobs he or she is working on as compliant with all building regulations and standards.

uPVC windows quote

Getting new uPVC windows for your home is a big decision. It pays to do your research and it pays to speak with three or four qualified, certified installers with a track record.

The next step

With so many manufacturers and installers of uPVC windows it is important that you choose a reputable company. Well, we have a nationwide panel of businesses that have been closely vetted so you can be assured their products and workmanship will be to an exacting standard. So, for a number of no-obligation, free quotes get in touch with us today and we will put you in touch with a number of companies in your locality.

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Double glazing is not easy to break, so you know that your home will be secure. The argon gas within the double glazed window panes works as shock absorbers, which means your double glazing is difficult break. 

Double glazing makes your home more energy efficient by keeping in the warm air and keeping cold air out. Your home will also stay cooler in the summer. Double glazing insulates from outside noise too. 

Double glazing is a significant upgrade to single glazed windows. Triple glazing may be worthwhile if you live on a very busy road or under a flight path. But double glazing offers many benefits for all homes. 


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