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Double Glazed Windows 2020

Double glazed windows are installed in the large majority of properties in the UK. Since 2008 Compare Companies has found that over 90% of people looking for new windows are invariably requesting quotes for double glazing windows.

So, what are some of the advantages of replacing your old glazing?


  • More secure as it is not as easy to break.
  • Lower your energy bills through reduced heat loss.
  • Fewer draughts making it more comfortable for occupants.
  • Windows have less condensation on the inside.
  • Reduces noise levels from outside.
  • Adds value to your home.

You could merely replace your existing single glass with double glazed panes within your existing wooden window frame. However, another option is to change the frames for brand new uPVC double glazed window frames so you may wish to compare the cost.

How much does it cost to replace your windows ?

The more windows you need to replace, the bigger your budget needs to be. For an average property with uPVC white casement windows with one opening per window, you can see the amounts you could reasonably expect to be charged below:

Property Type Number of Replacing Windows Average Cost
Flat 4-5 £2,100-£3,150
Small home 8-9 £4,200-£5,650
Medium-sized home 10-12 £5,300-£7,600
Large home 15-18 £8,000-£11,500

However, as we mentioned earlier in this article, no matter how many windows you’re having replaced and no matter the size of those windows, it’s always best to get 3-4 professional double-glazing installers to give you a quote.

Online price guides are useful but they’ll only ever provide you with a ballpark figure – please fill in the form on this page and we’ll put you in touch with trusted local and national companies to give you firm and reliable quotes. There’s no obligation on you to accept any quote you’re given by one of our partner CERTASS- and/or FENSA-certified installers.

The next step…

We have an extensive panel of reputable double glazed window manufacturers and installers who have been vetted. So, for some free quotations without any obligation why not get in touch with us today and you could soon be the proud owner of new double glazed windows.

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Double glazing prevents heat loss in your home to make it more energy efficient. It also has excellent sound insulation properties and keeps your home safe and secure. This makes double glazing highly desirable. 

Double glazing has an average lifespan of around 20 years. This will depend on the materials and the specifics of the installation. The energy efficienct improving argon gas will eventually leak out over time. 


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