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Is your conservatory too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? You may be surprised to learn that these temperature fluctuations in your conservatory could actually be caused by your window panel conservatory roof. Supalite are one of the leading conservatory roof manufacturers. A number of the companies registered with Compare Companies install Superlite conservatory roofs.

It might be time for you to replace that roof with something new.Here we are going to look at an established, time-saving, and inexpensive method of replacing your conservatory roof from the UK company, Supalite.

We’ll look at:

  • what a Supalite roof is and the types of conservatory a Supalite roof can be fitted to
  • what the benefits of a Supalite conservatory roof are
  • how much can you personalise your Supalite conservatory roof
  • how long it takes to install a Supalite conservatory roof
  • what you need to do to find the best price and the best installer for your home.

What is a Supalite Conservatory Roof?

A Supalite conservatory roof is the only lightweight tiled roof system on the market which is designed to fit onto your existing conservatory without the need for strengthening your existing conservatory structure. Each one of our Supalite roof tiles are made in a factory to ensure that they meet our high-quality standards.

Installing a Supalite conservatory roof means that your conservatory becomes a well-lit, temperature-regulated and attractive room to relax in.

Can be retrofitted

Supalite roofs can be installed as a retro-fit onto your existing conservatory. If you are just one of the many people who love their conservatory but feel it needs a refresh and you’d like to replace its whole-glass roof, Supalite offers a viable and affordable option.

With a Supalite roof, you don’t need to demolish part of or remodelling your entire conservatory. Supalite roofs are an easy, no-hassle option for people who want to transform their current conservatory and turn it into more an extension of their home than they feel it is now.  

Can be fitted on different types of conservatory

Homeowners can install a Supalite roof no matter what style or shape their current conservatory roof is. Anyone can enjoy the varied benefits that a Supalite roof offers, no matter if their roof is a lean-to or P-shape.

Which other types of conservatory roofs can an installer fit a Supalite roof onto?

  • Lean to
  • Gable
  • Victorian (3 bay, 5 bay, or wide front)
  • P-shape
  • Edwardian
  • Edwardian double-hip

What is a Supalite Lean-To Conservatory Roof?

After the success of the popular lean-to roof, the Supalite lean-to roof was created for a wider range of homeowners to enjoy. The lean-to roof was mainly used for kitchen extensions and conservatories; however, it was widely overlooked in the industry until now.  

Our Supalite tiled lean-to roof’s new innovative design combines the practicality of a tile roof with the beauty of glass features to invite more light into your home. Supalite lean-to roof’s attractive appearance can upgrade the overall look of your house and transform it into a modern looking home.

What are the benefits of a Supalite Tiled Roof System?

Supalite roofs are aesthetically appealing but, of course, there’s more to a conservatory roof than just its looks. We’ve identified the following Supalite conservatory roof features as the most significant benefits to homeowners thinking about making a change.

20-year guarantee

Each Supalite roof comes with a 20-year guarantee. Homeowners benefit from the additional advantage that Supalite conservatory roofs come with an extended life expectancy of 50 years.

Excellent U-Value rating

U-value is a measure used in the glazing and conservatory industries which measures the amount of heat in building material. If a conservatory roof has a low U-value score, this means that it has a better capacity to able to insulate the rest of your room. Supalite roofs come with an impressive U-value of 0.18 (0.15 for Scotland) so that your conservatory maintains a comfortable, consistent, and enjoyable indoor climate.

Traditional window panel roofs have a much higher U-value and this explains why they tend to trap any hot or cold temperature inside your conservatory for what often feels like a very long time.

Very noise absorbent

Many conservatory owners do not enjoy the experience of sitting in their conservatory when it’s raining or hailing heavily because of the loud noise those types of weather create. It may be, as well, that your current conservatory roof is starting to show the signs of age and it’s starting to let sounds in – perhaps you can hear the kids playing next door on a sunny day when all you really want is a bit of peace.

Supalite roofs are very noise absorbent and that means that the noises which currently distract or annoy you are no longer heard anymore when you’re enjoying the space and tranquillity of your conservatory.

Choice of slate and tile colours

You can customise your Supalite conservatory roof’s colour to match your home’s outside colours and hues. Many homeowners believe that having two different types of roof tiles and colours on the same property is unsightly. You can choose from Supalite’s attractive selection of four roof colours to closely or exactly match your existing roof colour.

  • black
  • grey
  • brown
  • red

ExtraLight tiles (not available for the Monoroof)

ExtraLight tiles are a new, unique type of textured roof tiles for Supalite conservatory roofs. These tiles are seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials and that makes them suitable for every type of window panel conservatory.

Extralight tiles are designed to withstand the worst weather conditions while maintaining their natural stone finish. The manufacturer has the highest confidence in the quality of their Extralight tiles and that they will remain undamaged by any weather conditions. So much so that Supalite give each customer a 40-year weatherproof protection guarantee.

Extralight tiles are the only metal single tiles which have been tested by the Building Research Establishment down to 10o and they require little to no ongoing maintenance. Extralight tiles come in a selection of three natural colours:

  • charcoal
  • ember
  • walnut

Tapcos tiles

When you choose Tapco tiles for your lightweight conservatory roof, you benefit from the aesthetic appeal of authentic-looking surfaces and edges. Tapco tiles are created with moulds cast from real slate and what that does is to create realistic looking peaks and curves on your Supalite conservatory roof. 

Your Tapco slate tiles come with a limited lifetime warranty and they are “A-Rated fire composite slate” – offering homeowners real peace of mind that their Supalite roof is both durable and protected in the unlikely event that they fail to perform to standard.  

You can choose from four colours to create your ideal looking conservatory roof. Tapco tile colours are all UV stabilised to prevent the tiles from losing their rich colour over time. Choose from:

  • stone black
  • pewter grey
  • brick red
  • chestnut brown

Match fascias, gutters, and soffits by colour

Those with an eye for detail will be pleased to know that you can match the colour of your new Supalite roof to the colour of your fascias, gutters, and soffits. The company offers a range of versatile colours to select from so you don’t need to worry about your home loosing some of its aesthetic appeal because of multiple clashing colours on the exterior of your home.

Lets in lots of light

You can customise your Supalite roof to create the home space that is truly unique to you. You can do this by choosing to have a vaulted ceiling which can let in even more natural light into your home. This could be especially appealing if you are worried about the amount of light that a tiled roof will let in.

Reduce your heating bills

Installing a Supalite conservatory roof means that your conservatory will be exactly the same temperature as the rest of your home. This means that you don’t have to put extra heating on in your conservatory to be able to enjoy it on colder days.  

Homeowners are now able to save hundreds of pounds that they would have otherwise wasted trying to heat up a cold conservatory in the autumn and winter months. 

Makes your conservatory more like an extra room

If you have a conservatory with a window panel roof, you may feel as though it lacks continuity with the rest of your room – that, somehow, it’s more of an adjunct than an extension.

Many homeowners hesitate about using their conservatory especially if they feel overlooked by homes facing them. After all, if you can see someone on the first floor of the house opposite to you, they can see you as well.

If privacy is a concern, a tiled Supalite conservatory roof helps make you feel that your conservatory is just as separate from the rest of the world outside as anywhere else in your home.

Building regulations compliant

Supalite roofs are fully tested and approved to all relevant structural and thermal standards. As an extra benefit, because of the way they are constructed, homeowners don’t need to worry whether their conservatory can handle the weight of a Supalite roof because every aspect of this new building technology has been tested extensively to ensure safety and security.

The company’s Extralight tiles are also fully registered and compliant with LABC’s strict regulations and standards.

External flashing as an optional extra

One of the many customisable add-ons this building system offers includes external flashing. An installer will either create new external flashing or utilise your existing one to avoid unnecessary replacement according to your preferences.

Interior and exterior lighting as an optional extra

Every homeowner needs their house that fits their needs and their lifestyle. When getting quotes, you can ask your installer about the option of adding internal and external lighting to your conservatory when you have your Supalite roof installed.

Your installer does this by fitting the lights you want onto the ridge bulkhead of the Supalite roofing system or by installing a new lighting pelmet. 

Supalite installation FAQ

Other than style and customisation options, which questions do most homeowners ask installers about whether a Supalite conservatory roof is right for them?

When can my Supalite conservatory roof be installed?

Because Supalite conservatory roofs are designed to fit onto your existing conservatory structure, installation is usually quick and simple. Most installers, depending on the configuration of your conservatory, expect a fit to last between two and three days.

Do I need planning permission?

In most cases, planning permission is not necessary to install a Supalite conservatory roof. However, if your house is a listed building, it’s in a conservation area, or it’s subject to Directive 4, then we would advise that you contact your local council’s planning department before committing to any work being completed.

Should my installer belong to any trade body?

Supalite is a manufacturer and it sells its conservatory roofs through professional installers dotted up and down the UK.

We recommend that you check that any installer you potentially might work with are approved by one or both of the following bodies:

When an installer belongs to one or both of these schemes, this is your assurance that the company is professional, experienced, and diligent.

What should be on my quote?

What information should be outlined in your Supalite roof quote? You should make sure that the following information is detailed within your quote:

  • What services are included in the price?
  • Is VAT included in the price or not?
  • Does your quote contain a reference number?
  • What time frame will the job be completed in?
  • Does the quote contain the installers contact information?
  • Are the payment terms clearly outlined?
  • As long as I don’t change any of the specifications, is the amount shown on the quote the absolute maximum amount I will pay?
  • Do you offer insurance-backed warranties meaning that my Supalite conservatory roof will be repaired by a qualified company if you cease trading for whatever reason?

Find the right supplier with us

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a Supalite conservatory roof, we can connect you with suppliers and installers in your local area. We’ll put you in touch with 3 or 4 companies which belong to either FENSA and/or CERTASS and which have at least one year’s full trading history behind them.

After receiving your free quotes, you aren’t obliged to purchase a Supalite roof from any of the installers who come out to see you. You’ll also be pleased to know that our service is free.

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