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Conservatory Roof Replacement

A conservatory roof replacement can have a number of benefits if your existing roof was made many years ago using the likes of polycarbonate or single glazing. Unfortunately, such materials are not very energy efficient and tend to result in a conservatory being chilly in the winter and too hot in the summer. The rain landing on such roofs can cause quite a noise.

Why replace your conservatory roof?

There are a number of reasons a conservatory roof replacement using alternative materials such as double glazed panels or a tiled roof can prove beneficial. For instance: -

  1. You can make greater use of your conservatory throughout the year.
  2. Lower your fuel bills.
  3. Reduced noise levels.
  4. Enhance the value of your home.

What is the best material for a conservatory roof?

There are different types of material that can be used for a conservatory roof. The most common types of material for conservatory roofs are glass, polycarbonate, tiled or solid conservatory roofs. It really comes down to what you are looking to achieve as to what is the best option.

Research by Cranfield University has demonstrated that the average south facing conservatory is only at a satisfactory temperature for two hours per day. If you have an existing conservatory that is over 12 to 15 years it could be well worth while considering replacing the conservatory roof with a material that can make the conservatory at a comfortable temperature all year round.

The latest technology and insulation used in modern conservatory roofs is allowing people to enjoy the space 12 months of the year, whatever the weather.

Below are the four most popular conservatory roof options for you to consider.

Solid Conservatory Roof

If you are looking to use your conservatory in the summer and the winter a solid conservatory roof has several benefits.

  • It can be fully energy efficient keeping it cool in the winter and warm in the summer.
  • It helps to reduce the heating bills due to the conservatory being more energy efficient.
  • The fact that the conservatory will have a solid roof stops too much sunlight getting in during the summer.
  • You can install Velux windows in the conservatory roof to allow some more natural sunlight in to the conservatory.

Tiled Conservatory Roof

A tiled conservatory roof can blend in with the rest of the look and feel of the house. It can feel more like an extension of the house, rather than an additional space created in a different style to the rest of the house.

Tiled conservatory roofs provide very effective insulation allowing the conservatory to be used in the winter as well as in the summer.

There will also be less need to clean the conservatory roof like there is with a glass conservatory roof.

Energy Efficient Glass Conservatory Roof

Latest developments in glass technology has meant that a conservatory roof can emit lower levels of heat. The glass in the roof of the conservatory can have a low emissivity coating which reflects the light.

In simple terms it helps to insulate the conservatory by reducing the temperature fluctuations resulting from the sun. This ultimately makes the conservatory more comfortable in the summer and helps to reduce your energy bills in the winter.

Although it is harder to clean a glass conservatory roof than a solid or tiled conservatory roof the glass can be self-cleaning.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof

A polycarbonate conservatory roof is a cheaper alternative to a glass conservatory roof and does create a more naturally lit conservatory. However, this can lead to less hours of the day where the conservatory is at a satisfactory temperature.

It is possible to overcome the issue of too much natural light by considering different shading options and conservatory blinds. The shading options or blinds will add more expense so they do need to be built in to your costings if you are looking for the cheapest option.

A polycarbonate roof will not be as well insulated and you will be affected by noise.

Ultimately to decide on the right material for your conservatory roof the best option would be to get three to four quotes from conservatory roof companies that provide the different material types. They will be able explain the benefits of the different material types to enable you to make a more informed decision.

What to do next?

To start the ball rolling, why not get in touch with us so that we can arrange for you to receive a number of quotations from some of our experienced conservatory roof replacement businesses. They will provide a bespoke service both before, during and after you have had your conservatory roof replaced for a competitive price.

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