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Conservatory Roof Replacement Costs 2019

A conservatory roof replacement can have a number of benefits if your existing roof was made many years ago using the likes of polycarbonate or single glazing. Unfortunately, such materials are not very energy efficient and tend to result in a conservatory being chilly in the winter and too hot in the summer. The rain landing on such roofs can cause quite a noise.

Glass and polycarbonate lean to conservatory roofs

More lean to conservatories are installed in the UK than any other type of conservatory. Lean-to conservatories are rectangular and, by design, very flexible in terms of the design and layout you can choose. There are three walls in a lean-to conservatory (either panel only or a brick wall with panels on top) and the roof slopes to past the end of the conservatory.

Dimensions Made from Quote range Made from Quote range
2500mm x 3000mm Polycarbonate £2,000-£2,300 Glass £2,250-£2,550
3000mm x 3000mm Polycarbonate £2,400-£2,700 Glass £2,600-£2,900
3000mm x 3500mm Polycarbonate £2,500-£2,800 Glass £2,800-£3,100

How Much do Conservatory roof Replacement Cost for Glass and polycarbonate Victorian conservatory roofs

Victorian conservatories, often more associated with period properties, are fitted on all types of homes, including on brand new homes. A Victorian conservatory has its own distinct style – a bay window effect on the front (three or five panels), beautiful ridge detailing, and a roof at a steep angle.

Dimensions Made from Quote range Made from Quote range
3000mm x 3000mm Polycarbonate £3,300-£3,600 Glass £3,500-£3,800
4000mm x 4000mm Polycarbonate £4,600-£4,900 Glass £5,000-£5,300
5000mm x 5000mm Polycarbonate £6,300-£6,600 Glass £6,600-£6,900

Glass and polycarbonate Edwardian conservatory roofs

An uncluttered, simple, yet elegant conservatory design which works well on both traditional and modern homes, Edwardian conservatories are best characterised by a large floor space which makes having one of them feel more like another room in the home than other conservatory styles.

Dimensions Made from Quote range Made from Quote range
3000mm x 3000mm Polycarbonate £3,300-£3,600 Glass £3,600-£3,900
4000mm x 4000mm Polycarbonate £4,700-£5,000 Glass £5,100-£5,400
5000mm x 5000mm Polycarbonate £6,400-£6,700 Glass £7,050-£7,350

Glass and polycarbonate Lantern conservatory roofs

Feeling more like a solid structure integral to the flow of a house, lantern conservatories are increasing in popularity because of the choices available to homeowner over their size and their design flourishes. The lantern part of the conservatory is a large roof light, either at the height of the conservatory roof or raised above it, with pitched panes of glass allowing in natural light and giving a superior sense of space.

Dimensions Made from Quote range Made from Quote range
3000mm x 3000mm Polycarbonate £3,800-£4,100 Glass £4,000-£4,300
4000mm x 4000mm Polycarbonate £5,200-£5,500 Glass £5,700-£6,000
5000mm x 5000mm Polycarbonate £6,850-£7,150 Glass £7,450-£7,750

Why Replace Your Conservatory Roof?

There are a number of reasons listed below where a conservatory roof replacement using alternative materials such as double glazed panels or a tiled roof can prove beneficial. You could also look at the article we put together on replacing conservatory roofs by clicking here.

  1. You can make greater use of your conservatory throughout the year.
  2. Lower your fuel bills.
  3. Reduced noise levels.
  4. Enhance the value of your home.

As time moves on, so does technology. The materials used in the construction of your conservatory ten or fifteen years ago would have been the leading edge materials at the time.

Wear, tear, and accidental damage means that, now, many of the benefits our conservatory used to bring to your home aren’t to the same standard they used to be at the time of installation.

What can you look forward to with a new conservatory roof? Bear in mind that, because your installer will be using the very latest materials, the benefits your replacement roof will bring you will be even greater than your original roof when it was new.

Cool in the summer, warm in the winter

A conservatory is a great living space in the heights of summer or the depths of winter. That’s because the way they’re built means:

  • the heat is not allowed to escape when it’s cold, and
  • the double glazing your conservatory is built from prevents too much heat from coming in on sunny warm days

Because conservatories regulate their own temperatures so well, the cost of keeping them warm or keeping them cool is greatly reduced compared to many other rooms in your home.

Reduced condensation

The double-glazed panels that make up your conservatory roof were built to withstand condensation. Condensation happens when it’s warmer inside your home than it is outside. The moisture in the air that this creates produces a steamy mist to accumulate on your window.

The gap between your panes is sealed tight with an inert gas like krypton which acts as a barrier to the cold from the outside getting in. Over time, double-glazing deteriorates – examples being that the air-tight seal between the panes is compromised or that the way the pane is affixed to the wall or to other panes begins to wear down after many years of withstanding rain, sleet, snow, and the sun.

Your roof is more exposed to the elements than any other part of your conservatory, and many homeowners find that they only need to replace the roof instead of the conservatory as a whole.

Better noise insulation

Your conservatory’s solid construction keeps most noise from the outside from coming inside. As the sealant on the double-glazing panes breaks down, condensation is not the only thing to come from outside. You’ll increasingly start to notice sounds from the outdoors that you never heard before in your conservatory.

New conservatory roofs, especially those constructed with tiles, work superbly well at keeping out noise from the outside as they are far more technologically advanced than even a few years ago.

Add to the value of your property

Adding a conservatory to your property undoubtably adds value to it in nearly every case. Refreshing your conservatory is likely to have a similar impact too. In many cases, the value it adds to your property may be more than the cost of replacing your conservatory roof, making it a sound long-term investment in your family’s future.

Types of conservatory roof

There are three types of conservatory roofs you can replace your existing roof with

  • Glass
  • Polycarbonate
  • Tiles

Which should you choose? 

Glass is generally more energy efficient and keeps your conservatory warmer when it’s cold outside. Glass is resistant to all weather types and generally does not get damaged or break in particularly inclement weather. It’s also the more expensive option.

Polycarbonate is better for people on a budget. Whilst polycarbonate does look nice, it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as glass. It’s harder to break than glass, generally lets through more light, and is less heavy than glass meaning that, if you choose polycarbonate, you are less likely to need additional work on your conservatory to support the weight of the new roof.

How much does a Tiled Conservatory Roof Cost?

Your other option is to tile your conservatory roof. This option is becoming more popular, installers report, because they cancel out noise from the outside better (particularly if there is heavy rain), they offer greater insulation, and they don’t need as much looking after as a glass or polycarbonate roof. Although they don’t let in as much light as a glass or polycarbonate roof, homeowners with a tiled conservatory roof report that the loss of light is minimal and that it does not impact their enjoyment of their conservatories.

Tiled conservatory roofs offer 10 times the insulation properties of either glass or polycarbonate roofs. The multiple layers which make up a tiled roof also protect very well against condensation, meaning the risk of damp spreading through your home because of a breach is greatly reduced.

Sometimes, depending on your existing conservatory, it may need strengthening to be able to cope with the additional weight of a tiled roof.

What types of tile are available?

Most conservatory roof tiles are made from concrete however their weight will make them unsuitable for most conservatories originally installed before 2003. Other options include slate, chosen by homeowners for its undoubted aesthetic appearance.

Composite roof tiles are also available which have the added benefit of being very light.

Can I choose a style for my roof tiles?

Whether made of concrete, slate, or composite, installers will be able to offer you tiles across a wide variety of finishes, styles, and colours.

Can I fit a skylight to a tiled conservatory roof?

Yes – in fact, it’s one particular feature that homeowners ask for more than any other.

Tiled conservatory roof cost

Prices vary but these are prices ranges for average conservatory roof replacements sent to us by installer partners:

Height Width Price Range
3,000mm 3,000mm £7,300-£8,100
4,500mm 2,500mm £8,500-£9,500
8,000mm 3,000mm £17,000-£19,000

Is financing available for my Conservatory Roof replacement?

Most installers will offer finance to spread the cost of your conservatory roof replacement with repayment periods of up to ten years. Some installers will have access to interest free deal so make sure that, when you have found an installer who you trust and whose quote you like, you ask if there is a 0% APR deal available.

Get quotes for your Conservatory Roof

Are you looking for a new conservatory roof? We can connect you with 3-4 companies local to you who will be very happy to offer you free quotes on their services. We’ve checked the backgrounds of all our partner installers and we’re very confident that the quality of the work is industry-standard and that they won’t be here today and gone tomorrow. We’ve taken all the work out of researching the tradespeople most qualified and trustworthy to work with you.

Our service is free – we don’t charge you for connecting you to these tradespeople. Better still, you’re under no obligation whatsoever to accept any quote you receive from any of the companies we put you in touch with.

What to do next?

To start the ball rolling, why not get in touch with us so that we can arrange for you to receive a number of quotations from some of our experienced conservatory roof replacement businesses. They will provide a bespoke service both before, during and after you have had your conservatory roof replaced for a competitive price.

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All conservatory roof styles have their advantages, such as thermal efficiency and improved aesthetics. Whether you choose solid, glazed or tiled, it is important to find the right fit for your home. 

Your conservatory roof can usually be replaced within only a few days. This will vary based on your exact specifications. 

The price of a replacement conservatory roof will depend on its size and style, such as whether it is solid or tiled. You will want to speak to our experts to weigh up the advantages of these with the prices.

If your conservatory still meets the Building Regulations requirements and approval that it did when it was built, you shouldn't need planning permission. But it is a good idea to check when you replace your conservatory roof. 


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