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A guide to conservatory roof replacement prices

Want to know where to find the best deals on conservatory roof prices? Although conservatories are generally very sturdy additions to your home, the passage of time can cause incremental damage to the structure, meaning that you need to look for a replacement.

Other times, an accident around the home or in your garden can cause damage to your conservatory roof. It may be the case that you want a new look for your conservatory or you think that a different type of roof that suits your style.

How good the insulation in a conservatory is an important factor for many homeowners. Most UK conservatories are fitted with polycarbonate roofs. As good and as attractive as they are, a different roof will keep your conservatory warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. It may also help with reducing the noise you hear from outside as well.

If you have a glass roof with broken panes, getting a new roof instead of replacing the damaged panes may be the easier and more attractive refurbishment option.

Some homeowners love the additional space and freedom their conservatory provides but, for many different reasons, don't like it when the sun is coming through strongly through the roof. In this case, the most sensible and attractive option would be to replace their glass roof with a tiled roof.

In this article, we look at everything you need to know about conservatory roofs. From the types of conservatory replacement roofs you can buy, how much they cost, how long they take to install, and how to source a reliable and reputable trader to carry out the work.

Conservatory roof replacement prices - should you put budget before everything else?

Conservatory roof tiled prices vary considerably– it's something you can spend a lot of money on or keep your costs to the absolute lowest.

With conservatory roofs more than most types of home improvements, taking the cheaper option will sometimes cost you more in the long run. Your conservatory roof, just like the roof of your home, protects it from rain, snow, and harmful UV rays on a sunny day.

If water or snow gets into your conservatory, it will make your conservatory unusable, and your furniture and fittings may be damaged. So, choose a conservatory roof that you can trust that offers your home the most superior level of weather protection.

You might find yourself replacing your conservatory roof with a cheaper option and then have to fork out on a more expensive one a few years down the line. The approach you understandably took to save money is going to end up costing you nearly twice as much if you'd spent a little bit more the first time around. And it's not just your conservatory roof you'd have to replace, and it's any damaged furniture, walls with water ingress, or tiling/carpets with rain damage.

Because there are so many things to consider when replacing a conservatory roof, it's best to sit down and figure out what you want in the first place and then speak to 3 or 4 local expert installers about it before making your decision.

Conservatory replacement roof prices

We've prepared a list of typical prices homeowners can expect to pay for their conservatory replacement roof. The prices we're quoting apply to both like-for-like replacements and for replacing one type of conservatory roof with another.

Please bear in mind that if you are replacing your conservatory roof with a different type of conservatory roof, there may be a slight increase in some of the prices quoted based upon the complexity of the installation.

Lean-to conservatory roof prices

Lean-to conservatories are the most popular type of conservatories and, therefore, installers replace lean-to conservatory roofs more than any other type. Lean-to conservatories sometimes referred to as "dwarf wall conservatories", are three-sided conservatories with a sloping roof. In terms of building and construction complexity, they are not that complicated, so it's the easiest and cheapest type of roof to replace.

Partner installers have come back to us with the following approximate prices for lean-to conservatory roof replacements.

To replace your lean-to conservatory roof, you can expect to spend:

Size Material Approximate Price Material Approximate Price
250cm x 300cm Polycarbonate £2,180 Glass £2,380
300cm x 300cm Polycarbonate £2,540 Glass £2,750
300cm x 350cm Polycarbonate £2,605 Glass £2,900

Victorian conservatory roof prices

An installation style growing in popularity, Victorian conservatories are reminiscent of some of the major architectural movements during the reign of Queen Victoria. Victorian conservatories consist of several different facets (normally three or five) which gives a beautiful, curved appearance.

Victorian conservatory roofs are much more difficult to replace because of the complexity of the panes of glass used in its highest ceiling and the relative difficulty of installation.

For a Victorian conservatory roof replacement, you can expect to spend:

Size Material Approximate Price Material Approximate Price
300cm x 300cm Polycarbonate £3,440 Glass £3,660
400cm x 400cm Polycarbonate £4,740 Glass £5,130
500cm x 500cm Polycarbonate £6,450 Glass £6,750

Edwardian conservatory roof prices

Edwardian conservatories, with their upside-down V shaped roofs, are striking constructions, made to look elegant and beautiful due to the pitching of the roof with inclined planes.

If you choose, you can alter the height of the roof by changing the pitch angle of the planes. For a standard Edwardian conservatory roof replacement, you can expect to spend:

Size Material Approximate Price Material Approximate Price
300cm x 300cm Polycarbonate £3,460 Glass £3,740
400cm x 400cm Polycarbonate £4,850 Glass £5,240
500cm x 500cm Polycarbonate £6,560 Glass £7,180

Gable fronted conservatory roof prices

A gable is a type of structure when two planes on an incline stretch to the end of that structure to form a triangular shape. Originally a Georgian design feature, many homeowners choose decorative features to add a real personal touch to a conservatory. Of course, this adds to the overall cost.

For a standard gable conservatory roof replacement, you can expect to spend:

Size Material Approximate Price Material Approximate Price
300cm x 300cm Polycarbonate £3,470 Glass £3,750
400cm x 400cm Polycarbonate £4,860 Glass £5,260
500cm x 500cm Polycarbonate £6,570 Glass £7,170

Georgian conservatory roof prices

Georgian conservatories are among the larger conservatories chosen by homeowners – so much so that many need planning permission because of their size. Georgian conservatories are also referred to as reverse drop Edwardian conservatories.

To replace your Georgian conservatory roof, you can expect to spend:

Size Material Approximate Price Material Approximate Price
300cm x 300cm Polycarbonate £3,450 Glass £3,760
400cm x 400cm Polycarbonate £4,870 Glass £5,270
500cm x 500cm Polycarbonate £6,590 Glass £7,185

Lantern conservatory roof prices

Lantern conservatories contain an opening in their roof space (sometimes flat to the roof or raised from its general level). A lantern conservatory's design allows a conservatory to be bathed in beautiful and natural daylight without the full glare sometimes associated with all glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs. They can be personalised in both traditional and modern styles and, when combined with the structural glass used, look stylish and contemporary.

To replace your lantern conservatory roof, you can expect to spend:

Size Material Approximate Price Material Approximate Price
300cm x 300cm Polycarbonate £3,950 Glass £4,150
400cm x 400cm Polycarbonate £5,370 Glass £5,820
500cm x 500cm Polycarbonate £6,990 Glass £7,669

Double hipped conservatory roof prices

Doubled-hipped conservatories are a more recent conservatory style development and bare many similarities to lantern conservatories, featuring a pitched roof on either side. They are particularly popular installation for properties with height restrictions.

To replace a double hipped conservatory roof, you can expect to spend:

Size Material Approximate Price Material Approximate Price
300cm x 300cm Polycarbonate £3,940 Glass £4,160
400cm x 400cm Polycarbonate £5,390 Glass £5,810
500cm x 500cm Polycarbonate £7,000 Glass £7,690

Tiled conservatory roof tiles

Should you replace your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a tiled conservatory roof? What is the average conservatory with tiled roof prices you would expect to pay?

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages. A tiled roof stops a strong sun from blinding everyone in the conservatory during the summer, particularly around noon. When it's scorching day and the sun is at its height, it can be impossible to stay comfortable for any reasonable length of time in your conservatory.

In the winter, conservatory roof tiles keep much of the warmth from your central heating inside your home. It may be cold and rainy outside, but you can enjoy your conservatory just as much with the installation of new conservatory roof tiles.

Tiled conservatory roofs help you to keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter – you'll see that in the savings you make on your energy bills.

The major disadvantage most people think of when it comes to tiled conservatory roofs is that it does not let the sunlight in. That's not true – it does allow the sunshine in but not as much as with a glass or a polycarbonate roof. You will notice a small difference, but you'll still derive an enormous amount of enjoyment from sitting in your conservatory.

Before choosing conservatory roof tiles, make sure you check with your installer that your conservatory structure is strong enough to support it.

If you choose roof tiles for your replacement conservatory roof, average quotes you should expect are between £3,500 to £4,500 for a smaller conservatory and £5,500 to £6,500 for a larger conservatory.

Conservatory roof prices - can I pay monthly?

Many conservatory roof replacement companies will offer you the chance to pay for your replacement conservatory roof in instalments over a number of years. Some of the deals they offer are interest free, and on others, you might have to pay a low amount of interest.

Often, conservatory roof replacement companies will be able to offer their customers a number of different types of finance deal. On some deals, the company may receive a commission from the finance company.

You may be able to pay for your replacement conservatory roof over a number of years with the most extended deals generally lasting five years.

Should my installer belong to any trade body?

Choosing the right conservatory roof replacement company can be difficult? Who do you use? Do you use a double-glazing company, a conservatory company, a roofing company or a company that specialises in conservatory roofs?

Whichever type of company you choose to work with conservatory roof replacement companies need to prove that they work to a certain standard and offer certain guarantees to their customers. There is not a trade association specific to conservatory roofs. It is always a good idea to get some references or even have a look at some work that they may have done locally.

When you're with installers who are giving you quotes, they can help you choose the type of replacement roof you wish to go for. They'll be able to help you with planning permission and work with you to keep your conservatory roof replacement project within budget.

Should you choose a national conservatory roof replacement company or a local conservatory roof replacement company? To give you an idea, around 30% of conservatory installations are carried out by the big national companies with the remaining 70% of conservatory roof installations performed by local experts.

In a survey by Which?, they found a £4,000 differential in what national conservatory companies charge against local conservatory companies. There are no figures currently available for conservatory roof replacements, but most industry experts think there'll be a similar split.

Many homeowners like the idea of dealing with a national company because they're bigger. Their size, many assume, will mean that greater buying power will lead to lower prices. The opposite is true though in many cases because larger companies have thousands of staff members to pay for and big shops together with salespeople on commission.

For us, the most important thing is that you trust the person you want to deal with and you think that their company will perform the job well and at the right price for you.

Choosing an installer to fit your conservatory

We work with dozens of partner conservatory roofing companies across the UK, all of which have been credit checked and reference checked.

By filling in your details, we'll put you in touch with three or four local companies who will come out to see you. They'll supply you with a free no-obligation quote.

Our service is free of charge to you, and you're under no obligation to accept any quote provided to you by our local partner firms.

All conservatory roof styles have their advantages, such as thermal efficiency and improved aesthetics. Whether you choose solid, glazed or tiled, it is important to find the right fit for your home. 

Your conservatory roof can usually be replaced within only a few days. This will vary based on your exact specifications. 

The price of a replacement conservatory roof will depend on its size and style, such as whether it is solid or tiled. You will want to speak to our experts to weigh up the advantages of these with the prices.


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