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Conservatory Roofs

Many years ago, a large percentage of conservatory roofs were made of either single glazing or cheap-quality translucent polycarbonate. Unfortunately, a conservatory roof manufactured using one of those materials often resulted in the conservatory being too warm in the summer months and very cold in the winter season. Other negative factors were increased condensation and the sound insulation was poor especially noticeable when it rained. These problems meant that the conservatory was not being used by those living in the property as much as they would have intended.

The good news is that there are alterative conservatory roofing materials and it is usually very straightforward to replace such a roof.

Materials used in conservatory roofs

Nowadays, when either having a new conservatory installed or replacing a roof on an existing conservatory, people are choosing from the likes of double or triple glazed roofing panels, solid roofing materials like concrete tiles or slate tiles or composite panels. For the cost conscious, it is still possible to have a roof in single glazing or better-quality polycarbonate.

How much does a replacement conservatory roof cost?

This will depend upon a number of factors such as the style and size of conservatory and the roofing material used. As a rough rule of thumb, polycarbonate is going to be cheaper than a double glazed roof that is going to be cheaper than a solid roof such as tiles.

The following are average prices: -

Roof type Average Price
Lean-to £2,000 (2.5m x 3m room) to £3,000 (3m x 3.5m room)
Victorian £3,000 (3m x 3m room) to £7,000 (5m x 5m room)
Edwardian £3,000 (3m x 3m room) to £8,000 (5m x 5m room)
Gable fronted £3,500 (3m x 3m room) to £8,000 (5m x 5m room)
Double hipped £4,000 (3m x 3m room) to £8,000 (5m x 5m room)

What to do next

Feel free to contact us today and we will arrange to put you in touch with a selection of vetted, specialist conservatory roof manufacturers/installers who will be pleased to meet with you and provide no-obligation quotations. We look forward to being of assistance in helping you and your family maximise the use of your conservatory all year around.


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