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A guide to conservatory roof replacement costs and options

Conservatories have always been one of the most luxurious investments you could possibly make for your family home. They provide the most beautiful additional space and comfort to a property – the very best ones are like a stylish bridge stretching from the inside of your home right out to your garden. It’s a place to relax, it’s a place for the kids to play, it’s a place to entertain.

As with all home improvements, your conservatory need to be cared for and maintained because, over time, they can be subject to sometimes extreme wear and tear, no part more so than your conservatory roof. So, if your conservatory is looking tired, should you get a new conservatory or a new conservatory roof instead? What conservatory roof options are really open to you?

Conservatory roof replacements can cost from as little as £2,040 right up to £19,050 depending on the size of your conservatory, the style of your roof, and the materials or system used to create the replacement roof. The conservatory roof price also varies according to the installer you choose and whether there’s competition for your business.

It may come as a surprise but you can reduce the price on the quotes you receive by up to 40% by letting potential installers know that you’re getting quotes from two or three other companies. The biggest imperative for most conservatory roof replacement company owners is keeping their fitting teams busy – they don’t want them sitting at the back of the showroom doing nothing while being paid for it. And while they would love to be able to charge a particular price for an installation, they’ll always do it for less to keep their installers working and to beat other companies who want to do business with you.

CompareCompanies helps thousands of homeowners every month by arranging 3-4 quotes on a variety of different types of home improvement, including conservatory roof replacements. Fill in the form at the top of the page and we’ll put you in touch with 3-4 local companies who would love to have the chance to quote you. There’s no obligation to accept any quote given by our partner installers and our service is completely free.

What do conservatory roofs cost?

The amount you pay for your conservatory roof will depend on the style of roof you’re choosing and the size of your conservatory but you should feel confident to use the following ballpark quote ranges to give you an idea of the budget you’ll need to set aside:

  • Composite conservatory roof replacement – £2,040 to £7,540
  • Glass conservatory roof replacement –  £2,240 to £8,170
  • Tiled conservatory roof replacement – £7,250 to £19,050
  • Supalite conservatory roof replacement – £1,200 to £3,500 and more plus installer supply margin, fitting costs, and VAT
  • Guardian conservatory roof replacement – £6,500 to £11,000

We’ll provide quote guidelines in more detail later on this page plus explaining the positives and negatives of each style of roof.

Is it worth getting a conservatory roof replacement?

It depends on you, your personal preferences, and the budget you have available for which conservatory roof is best for your home. A conservatory roof replacement is much more affordable than a replacement conservatory and a replacement offers nearly all of the same benefits at a much lower price. Read here to find out whether a tiled roof or solid roof is best for you

If the state of the conservatory on your home is really bad and you’ve already had quotes from various installers on performing the necessary remedial work to bring the conservatory back up to standard, a conservatory roof replacement might not be right – it might be time to consider getting a brand new conservatory instead.

Glass and polycarbonate replacement roofs

Although there is a growing trend among homeowners to replace their existing polycarbonate or glass roof with a tiled roof, like-to-like replacements are still the more popular. Find conservatory roof replacement ideas here!

But what benefits do you and your family get by replacing your existing polycarbonate or glass roof with another polycarbonate or glass roof?

  • Better temperature control – a new roof helps you keep your conservatory cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The polycarbonate or double-glazing in your new roof traps heat inside when it’s cold meaning that the costs of heating your conservatory go down and that you can use your conservatory all year around.
  • Better condensation control – condensation occurs when it’s warmer on the outside than on the outside. Over time, given its direct exposure to intense UV rays from the sun, the sealing around polycarbonate and double-glazed frames begins to deteriorate making the appearance of condensation more likely over time. A new conservatory roof is an immediate and cost-effective solution to this often major issue.
  • Better shielding from outside noise – the technology behind both polycarbonate and glass roofs has improved greatly over time meaning that more and more noise from outside can never get in.
  • Preserve your house price advantage – conservatories can add up to 5% to the value of a home however the premium starts to gradually disappear if your conservatory is not in the best condition.

Below, please find standard price ranges for the supply and installation of a new conservatory roof by a local or national trusted trader…

Style Height Width Polycarbonate from… …to… Glass from… …to…
Lean to 2.5m 3m £2,040 £2,400 £2,240 £2,600
Lean to 3m 3m £2,380 £2,760 £2,580 £2,970
Lean to 3m 3.5m £2,430 £2,810 £2,720 £3,120
Victorian 3m 3m £3,250 £3,700 £3,450 £3,900
Victorian 4m 4m £4,520 £5,050 £4,900 £5,460
Victorian 5m 5m £6,160 £6,760 £6,460 £7,130
Edwardian 3m 3m £3,250 £3,700 £3,550 £4,010
Edwardian 4m 4m £4,610 £5,150 £5,000 £5,570
Edwardian 5m 5m £6,260 £6,920 £6,840 £7,540
Gable-fronted 3m 3m £3,250 £3,700 £3,550 £4,010
Gable-fronted 4m 4m £4,610 £5,150 £5,000 £5,570
Gable-fronted 5m 5m £6,310 £6,970 £6,790 £7,540
Georgian 3m 3m £3,250 £3,700 £3,550 £4,010
Georgian 4m 4m £4,610 £5,150 £5,000 £5,570
Georgian 5m 5m £6,310 £6,970 £6,790 £7,540
Lantern 3m 3m £3,740 £4,270 £3,880 £4,480
Lantern 4m 4m £5,100 £5,670 £5,580 £6,240
Lantern 5m 5m £6,700 £7,540 £7,330 £8,170
Double-hipped 3m 3m £3,740 £4,270 £3,880 £4,480
Double-hipped 4m 4m £5,100 £5,670 £5,580 £6,240
Double-hipped 5m 5m £6,700 £7,540 £7,330 £8,170

What are conservatory converters?

Conservatory converters transform the appearance of your conservatory with a tiled roof instead of a glass or a polycarbonate roof.

As we mentioned earlier, tiled conservatory roofs are becoming more and more popular among homeowners for the distinct benefits they deliver to the appearance of your conservatory and to the enjoyment you and your family derive from using your conservatory.

A tiled conservatory roof offers all of the same benefits that a glass or polycarbonate roof offers except that it delivers even greater protection against condensation and noise from the outside coming in.

Many homeowners also choose tiled conservatory roofs because they block more light from coming in on particularly hot and sunny days. On days like these, many people find it difficult to sit for any length of time in their conservatory without having to cover their eyes to protect them from the strength of the sun or without overheating even if the windows are open.

Tiled conservatory roofs

Quotes you can expect for the installation of a tiled conservatory roof replacement vary greatly however we’ve included some figures below to help you understand the level of budget required to carry out the work.

Made from Dimensions (height) Dimensions (width) Quote range
Tiles 3m 3m £7,250-£8,200
Tiles 4.5m 2.5m £8,450-£9,550
Tiles 8m 3m £16,950-£19,050

The price you pay for your roof will depend on a number of other factors, including:

  • the type of roof tile you use
    • concrete tiles – the most popular choice available in a range of styles and colours. Please be aware that, if you choose concrete tiles however, that you may need to have the frame of your conservatory strengthened which will add additional cost
    • slate tiles – the most expensive option but definitely the most stylish. Very expensive in comparison to other types of tiles but you can see where you spent your money if you choose them for your conservatory
    • synthetic slate tiles – new to the market but becoming increasingly available, they look almost identical to slate tiles but at a considerable discount in price
    • composite tiles – the cheapest type of tile, they’re very light and homeowners benefit from a wide range of colours and styles
  • the number of rooflights you install – the more you install, the costlier your roof will be. With one rooflight, around 95% of the light that would come into your conservatory with a glass roof still enters so the additional light gained by extra rooflights is minimal.

What is a Guardian conservatory roof?

For traditional tiled conservatory roof replacements, the time taken to remove your old roof and install the new one is very labour intensive and it can take a long time even for the most experienced fitters to complete the job. This pushes up the cost of the work quite substantially on larger conservatories.

Guardian conservatory roofs adopt a different and innovative approach to this problem. When your installer is quoting you for a Guardian replacement conservatory roof, they take the dimensions of your conservatory’s frame as well as detailed notes on the style of roof that you want for your home.

They then send off those dimensions and drawings to the manufacturing team at Guardian’s conservatory roof factory who then assemble your conservatory roof in their workshop for later delivery to your installer. Once your installer has taken possession, they then remove your old roof and use specialist equipment to lower the Guardian roof onto the top of your conservatory.

What is a Supalite conservatory roof?

A Supalite conservatory roof, like a Guardian conservatory roof, is a type of solid roof manufactured away from your property and delivered direct to the fitter who lowers it onto your conservatory’s frame. They can be used on all types of conservatory styles, such as a lean-to conservatory roof replacement

Supalite conservatory roofs offer many of the same advantages as Guardian conservatory roofs and they can be supplied in a number of different styles. Below is a list of supply-only prices – the price you pay would have the installer’s supply margin, labour charges, and VAT on top.

To find out more about Supalite roofs, please click the link.

Supalite roofs Dimensions Roof frame material Supply-only quote
Lean to 3m x 2.5m Supalite Roof £1,200-£1,400
Lean to 4m x 3m Supalite Roof £1,650-£1,800
Gable fronted 3m x 3m Supalite Roof £1,600-£1,750
Gable fronted 3.5m x 3.5m Supalite Roof £1,950-£2,100
Gable fronted 4m x 4m Supalite Roof £2,400-£2,550
Edwardian 3m x 3m Supalite Roof £2,100-£2,250
Edwardian 3.5m x 3.5m Supalite Roof £2,550-£2,700
Edwardian 4m x 4m Supalite Roof £2,900-£3,150
Victorian 3m x 3m Supalite Roof £2,250-£2,400
Victorian 3.5m x 3.5m Supalite Roof £2,900-£3,150
Victorian 4m x 4m Supalite Roof £3,350-£3,500

How do I ensure I get the best price of a conservatory roof?

The most reliable ways of getting the best price on a conservatory roof are to:

  • make sure you know exactly what you want and not to change the specification of your order once you’ve placed it with your installer, and
  • get three or four companies competing for your order. Installers will always take a lower price on the job to beat other companies in their local area and to keep their fitting teams working 7 days a week.

Hundreds of conservatory roof replacement companies, all certified by CERTASS and FENSA, have registered with CompareCompanies to find out when people in their local area are looking for quotes. At the same time, thousands of homeowners every month trust CompareCompanies to find them experienced, talented, and reliable suppliers to provide them with quotes.

Fill in the form above and we’ll connect you with 3-4 installers in your area. Ask them all the questions you need to know the answers to about conservatory roofs so that you get the roof that’s right for your conservatory and your home. There’s no charge to our service and there’s no obligation to accept any quote from one of our partner companies.

All conservatory roof styles have their advantages, such as thermal efficiency and improved aesthetics. Whether you choose solid, glazed or tiled, it is important to find the right fit for your home. 

Your conservatory roof can usually be replaced within only a few days. This will vary based on your exact specifications. 

The price of a replacement conservatory roof will depend on its size and style, such as whether it is solid or tiled. You will want to speak to our experts to weigh up the advantages of these with the prices.


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