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uPVC Conservatory

If you’ve decided that you’d like to add a brand new conservatory to your home, you’ve likely been met with an overwhelming array of choices and finishes to choose from - colours, styles, sizes and building materials. It can genuinely be difficult to know where to start.

Nowadays, the uPVC conservatory has become the most popular choice of material amongst homeowners for several reasons.It is low maintenance - it will not rot, keeps its colour, doesn't need painting and is easy to keep clean.

That’s why, in this article, we discuss why we believe that a uPVC conservatory is the best choice for UK homeowners. We also show you through the range of prices you can expect to see on a quote and how you can go about finding a reliable installer.


How much does uPVC cost?

There are a wide range of conservatories to choose from if you choose a uPVC frame. Below are standard quotes you can expect from installers for different types of uPVC conservatories:

3x3 conservatory price Fully fitted prices range from
Lean to £5,750-£7,500
Victorian £8,000-£10,000
Edwardian £8,000-£10,000
P-shaped £8,500-£10,500
T-shaped £11,000-£13,000
L-shaped £11,000-£13,000
Orangery £14,000-£50,000

uPVC Conservatory Materials?

There are three main materials that you can choose for your conservatory frame. They are uPVC, timber, and aluminium.


Wood does look beautiful but it nearly always needs a thicker frame than uPVC or aluminium. That means that, if having a panoramic view outside your conservatory is most important, wood is less likely to offer you the view that you want.

Because it’s a natural material, master craftsmen need to work on the construction of your timber frame conservatory manually – this pushes up the initial cost.

uPVC and aluminium frames are more thermally efficient than wooden conservatory frames however they do generally have longer lifespans than uPVC frames. This longer lifespan is dependent on proper maintenance against rot and damage caused by insects – these extra requirements also push up the running costs of a wooden conservatory over time.


Aluminium frames are strong and lightweight, offering very slim sightlines giving you and your family a much less obstructed view of the outside from the inside.

Aluminium also offers a slight security advantage over timber frames and uPVC frames.

Many homeowners have reported major issues with the control of temperature inside their aluminium-framed conservatories – you may have to invest in additional heating at a further expense later on.

Aluminium conservatories also attract a considerable premium over uPVC conservatories.


Finally, you have uPVC frames. They are cheap, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing.

uPVC frames have been a staple for conservatory building materials for decades – and for good reason too. They can help keep the heat in, they’re budget-friendly, and they are much more customisable now than ever before.

uPVC frames also require very little maintenance and they don’t require the regular painting or sealing that other conservatory frame types need.

Benefits of uPVC Conservatories

Our experts recommend a uPVC conservatory as the most appealing material for three key reasons. Those reasons are:

The price

uPVC conservatories are very affordable. If you want a conservatory for your home but your budget is limited, then uPVC is the optimal choice.

Many people choose to install a uPVC conservatories as a way to add value to their homes once the time comes to sell it. A uPVC conservatory can add 5% to the value to your home. So, if you can find an installation company to fit a conservatory for less than 5% of the current value of your home, you will, in most cases, derive a real financial benefit from it as well as from enjoying your conservatory before you put your home up for sale at some point in the future.

They are an affordable way to increase living space in the family home and are also quick to erect.

They come in a variety of styles in keeping with the main structure of your home so whether you have a period property or a modern contemporary home there is sure to be one to meet your needs.

The longevity

If you’re not thinking of moving any time in the near future (or even in the distant future, for that matter), then uPVC conservatories are still a good investment for the long lifespan you’ll enjoy from one and from the enjoyment of having an additional room on your property.

Not only do they make your home seem more spacious, but they can last up to 30 years before they need replacing. If your conservatory is well maintained, then they can last for even longer than that.

The energy efficiency

uPVC offers homeowners very low U-values – the U-value is a measurement of thermal retention or how well it keeps heat in. Despite timber offering these properties naturally, the modern manufacture and production of uPVC means that their thermal retention qualities are virtually identical to wood.

Most uPVC conservatories now come with A-rated energy efficiency as standard.

They have superb insulation properties with a variety of glazing options available such as double and triple glazed windows and doors enabling you to retain the heat in the winter months. This will help contain your fuel bills.

When selecting a quality uPVC conservatory there are a range of colours to choose from such as white, brown, grey, blue, cream, green and black enabling you to let your imagination run wild.

Compare uPVC Conservatory Quotes

If you’re looking to find a quote for your new conservatory, try CompareCompanies. We can put you in touch with 3-4 vetted and certified installers of uPVC conservatories.

All you need to do is provide us with a  few of your details and we’ll put you in touch with trusted tradesmen in your local area who will visit you in your home and provide you with the most competitive quote. You are under no obligation to accept any of the quotes that you’re given for you and our service is completely free for you to use.

Get in contact with us to obtain a number of competitive quotations for a uPVC conservatory.

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Conservatories can be built with timber, aluminium or uPVC. The latter material here is the cheaper of these options. You will want to consider the look and feel of the conservatory style you would like, and choose the best material at the right price.

The price of conservatories can start at around £6000. This cost will depend on the style, shape and size of your conservatory. 

Conservatories can last between 10-30 years. This will depend on the materials used. A uPVC conservatory will last around 20 years on average. 

The main difference between an orangery and a conservatory is the roof. Over three quarters of a conservatory roof is glazed while an orangery has less. 

You should consider the size of your property and garden when deciding on the best type of conservatory. Any size, shape of style of home can benefit from a conservatory, and all types have their advantages. It is important to find the right fit to work with the rest of your property for a cohesive look and feel. 


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