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Lean To Conservatory Prices

If you are looking for a simple, contemporary style of conservatory that is easy and quick to install then the lean to conservatory is likely to meet your requirements. It is also a cost effective design providing great appeal to those homeowners with a tight budget. Homeowners across England, Wales and Scotland are often choosing lean to conservatories. They are a relativley cheap and space efficient way of adding some extra footprint to homes. With the uncertainty in the market over the last 18 months extensions, garage conversions and conservatories have been a cheaper way of people avoiding having to move.

If you reside in a bungalow or own a house with a low roof-line then this conservatory may appeal as there is great flexibility with regard to the height of the roof.

Lean to conservatories can be constructed using either floor to ceiling glazed units or a dwarf wall can be incorporated.

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Woman using a tablet

Whatever your reason for wanting to add a lean-to conservatory on your house, this article will look at the following important information:

  • The estimated price of a standard lean-to conservatory
  • The seven features of your conservatory can significantly influence its price
  • The bases and foundations you can choose from
  • The materials available for the frame of your lean-to conservatory
  • The selection of door types used in lean-to conservatories
  • The roof options available to you
  • The internal features you can choose from that you might want to consider

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How much does a lean-to conservatory cost?

For homeowners budgeting for a standard lean to conservatory installation with a dwarf wall, you should look to set aside the following amounts:

Size Polycarbonate Approx Price Glass Approx Price
3500mm x 2000mm £7,500-£8,500 £8,000-£9,000
3500mm x 2000mm £8,750-£9,750 £9,250-£10,250
4000mm x 2000mm £8,750-£9,750 £8,750-£9,750
4000mm x 2500mm £9,500-£10,500 £10,250-£11,250

For a full build lean-to conservatory which fully glazed from the base to the ceiling, the prices you’d pay would be…

Size Polycarbonate Approx Price Glass Approx Price
3500mm x 2000mm £7,000-£8,000 £7,500-£8,500
3500mm x 2000mm £8,250-£8,750 £8,750-£9,750
4000mm x 2000mm £7,750-£8,750 £8,250-£9,250
4000mm x 2500mm £9,000-£10,000 £9,750-£10,750

For a lean-to conservatory refurbishment where no base work was required, you’d be looking at the following prices…

Size Polycarbonate Approx Price Glass Approx Price
3500mm x 2000mm £4,250-£5,250 £4,500-£5,500
3500mm x 2000mm £4,400-£5,400 £4,600-£5,600
4000mm x 2000mm £4,500-£5,500 £4,750-£5,750
4000mm x 2500mm £4,750-£5,750 £5,500-£6,500

What affects the price of a lean-to conservatory?

These are the seven factors that can greatly influence the cost of building your lean-to conservatory:

  • The size (the bigger your conservatory, the bigger the price tag attached to it)
  • The base (ready-made bases are typically much cheaper than traditional footings that need to be dug out manually)
  • The material for the frame (prices of softwood, engineered wood, uPVC, hardwood and aluminium all vary for the same sized room)
  • The roof (roofs made from polycarbonate are usually the cheapest option while double glazed and tiled roofs cost considerably more)
  • The glazing and doors (the energy rating of doors and glass can impact their prices)
  • The walls (dwarf-wall features create a definite increase on the price of your conservatory)
  • The company quoting you for the work (two different contractors can give you two very different quotes. To avoid any extra unnecessary costs we advise that you get at least 4 quotes to find the best price)

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dining table and chairs in a glass roof conservatory
  • Dwarf Wall
  • Foundation
  • Material
  • Doors
  • Roof
  • Dwarf Wall

    Are you having a dwarf wall installed on your conservatory?

    A dwarf-wall is a low wall which is used as the base for the perimeter of a conservatory. These walls are typically no less than 1 meter tall and feature panels or brickwork to create an aesthetically and appealing outside look to your conservatory. However, adding a dwarf-wall feature to your conservatory will add to the amount that you have to budget for.

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    Edwardian conservatory interior


    Your installer needs to prepare the base or foundation of your lean-to conservatory

    Your conservatory needs to be constructed on a solid base to ensure that it remains stable at all times. You do however have a choice of three different types of foundations or base.

    Traditional footings are one of the most options you can create a base with however they are very labour intensive meaning that the whole installation may take a little bit longer. If your professional installer tells you that your ground as poor but that you still choose to place a traditional footing, they will need to dig a deeper hole than usual to create your foundation.

    Concrete raft bases are another option to consider when selecting which type of base your conservatory will have. This type of base is essentially a slab of seven-inch pre-mixed concrete that is poured into a steel reinforced mesh to create your desired conservatory shape.

    The last option is to have a steel base fitted for your conservatory’s foundation. Steel bases are a popular option possibly because of how easy they are to install. They typically come ready-made with if you select a standard lean to conservatory design.

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    Which material do you want to use for the frames?

    The material you choose for your conservatory significantly alter the final price you’ll end up paying. If you use hardwood, your conservatory will cost more per square foot than if you pick aluminium or uPVC as your framing material instead.

    When choosing the materials you want for your conservatory, you shouldn’t only consider the price but the qualities of each type of material too. There’s not just one standard choice of uPVC, aluminium, or hardwood – there are lots of options.

    For example, if you decide you want aluminium windows but you decide on using a very cheap aluminium, it is less likely that your conservatory will have the built-in thermal breaks necessary to stop the interchange of hot and cold temperatures from outside and insider.

    Although it’s understandable that you may initially want to cut costs by choosing a cheaper material, your conservatory is more likely to experience condensation problems towards the end of its warranty period and it may even be unusable in particularly hot or cold weather. In the long run, you may end up spending more money on utility bills trying to keep your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

    Be certain to choose the right material of a high-enough quality that fits within your budget.

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    What type of door and how many doors do you want on your lean-to conservatory?

    Many home owners with conservatories choose to install a single set of French doors because they appreciate their simple yet classic appearance. However, you may decide that sliding, bifold, or tilt and turn doors create the type of look and feel for your conservatory that you prefer.

    If you’re considering purchasing a more complex door fitting for your conservatory, you should note that the overall price of the installation will increase, sometimes by a lot, depending on the door’s design, size, and the material it’s made from.

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    What type of lean-to conservatory roof Replacement you want ?

    While most standard lean-to conservatory roofs typically have the same sloping roof, you can customise your unique roof by selecting the material from which it will be made.

    If you choose to install a fully glazed roof, a sheeting of glass or polycarbonate will run from the ceiling to the floor of your new conservatory. This can be an attractive option for homeowners who want to create an airy room that lets in the most amount of natural sunlight.

    Alternatively, you can choose to install a part-glazed roof onto your lean-to conservatory. Part-glazed roofs typically have a dwarf-wall feature from the ground up to 3 foot on average, after which window panel walls continue up to the height of the ceiling.

    Last, you could choose a solid, fully tiled lean-in conservatory roof. These types of roofs tend to be higher in price than their window-panel-based alternatives and that’s because of the additional materials and labour costs. Although this type of roof is often more expensive up-front, you may find that a tiled roof helps to regulate your conservatory’s temperature making your new space more enjoyable.

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    Internal features

    Although most of the options you can choose from when you’re selecting your conservatory are focused on the outside, you should also carefully consider the features you really want on the inside too. Things to think about include:

    • How many power sockets do you need?
    • Do you want multiple light switches?
    • What type of heating system do you want? (underfloor, radiators, air conditioning)
    • Do you want a tiled or wooden floor?

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    Anthracite Grey Edwardian Conservatory

    Find the right supplier with us

    Let CompareCompanies reach out to three or four companies to provide you with free quotes on a new lean to conservatory.

    When you go through us, you don’t need to spend hours looking for multiple accredited companies to supply and install your lean-to conservatory. Instead, we’ll connect you with 2 companies belonging to either FENSA and/or CERTASS and which have at least a minimum of a year’s full trading history backing them.

    The best part? You don’t pay for our service or for the quotes you receive from the installers we put you in touch with. And you are under no obligation to purchase a lean-to conservatory from any of the companies which come out to see you.

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    Your questions answered

    What can a Lean To conservatory be used for?

    It can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

    • A playroom for the children also providing them with access to the garden.
    • As an additional living room to relax in at any time of the day or night and throughout the year especially as there are so many choices of heating system.

    Planning permission for lean-to conservatories

    While planning permission isn’t typically required to install a lean-to conservatory in most cases, you may require one if any of the following statements apply to you:

    • Your home is a listed building,
    • Your home is subject to Directive 4
    • If you live in a conservation area
    • If the conservatory extends more than three metres away from the wall to which it is being attached (for metres if you live in a detached house)
    • If the height of your conservatory is more than 4 metres

    You should contact the planning department at your local council to discuss your case before committing any money into your project if you meet any of the criteria listed.

    Conservatory installations – how long do they take?

    You should typically wait no longer than 4 to 5 weeks from the time you place your order to have your lean-to conservatory installed. While some contractors may quote you a shorter time frame of 3 to 4 weeks, several factors can influence the amount of time needed to complete the installation process of your lean-to conservatory start to finish.

    For example, other than planning permission requirement, the following will affect the time it takes:

    • How long the groundwork will take
    • Any non-standard design extras you have requested
    • If your conservatory is not of a standard size and some or all of it has to be manufactured bespoke to your home.

    Should my lean-to conservatory installer belong to any trade body?

    Yes. The professionals you choose to install your lean-to conservatory should belong to a trade body. That’s because, by joining one, this means that they have made a promise to follow their strict rules of conduct on build quality and after-sales support.

    By hiring an installer who belongs to one or more of these bodies, this offer your peace of mind about the quality of their work and how sustainable their business is. We recommend that you work with lean to conservatory roof installers who are members of or who are accredited to the following bodies:

    • The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA)
    • Certification and Self-Assessment (CERTASS)

    What should be on the quote for my lean-to conservatory?

    It’s important to make absolutely sure that you’ll pay no more to an installer than the price you see written on the quote. Make sure that your quotation contains all of the following information:

    • Everything that’s included for the price
    • Whether VAT is included in the price or not
    • The time frame you should expect your lean-to conservatory to be fully installed within
    • The agreed payment terms
    • If you are buying using finance that your installer has arranged, what the monthly repayments are, how much interest you’ll pay over the life of the loan, and if there are any early repayment penalties.
    • Whether an insurance-backed warranty is offered meaning that, if your contractor stops trading, your lean-to conservatory will be repaired by a substitute company.

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