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UK Boiler Quotes

A new energy efficient boiler could reduce your fuel bill by over £300 per annum. Across the UK homeowners are normally installing combi boilers that are fueled by gas. As well as being more cost effective, new replacement boilers are going to be more reliable than those that have been in people's homes for the past twenty or thirty years so are less likely to break down when least expected. Combi boiler prices do vary from area to area and that is why it is always good to get multiple quotes. The installation should always be carried out by a gas safe registered installer. When people are getting quotes for a boilers it is important not to assume that all plumbers are Gas Safe Registered.

Best gas boilers

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when deciding which is going to be the most suitable boiler such as the size of your property and how many people live in it.

Types of gas boiler

The three main types of boiler used in the UK are system boilers, conventional/heat only/traditional boilers and combination (combi) boilers.

System boiler -

most of the hot water and heating system components are contained in the boiler, a cylinder for keeping the hot water is needed but no cold water tank is needed in the loft.

Benefits of System Boiler:

  • Permanent supply of hot water to all taps in the home all the time and perfect for properties with two or more bathrooms.

Conventional/heat only/traditional boiler -

suitable for homes that presently have a conventional hot water and heating system linked to a hot water cylinder. Tanks are required in the loft for cold water that feeds the hot water cylinder and to maintain the central heating system's water level.

Benefits of Conventional Boiler:

  • The provision of hot water to all taps at the same time making it ideal for properties with more than one bathroom. It is also an option when water pressure is low.

Combination/combi boiler -

provides hot water for both the central heating and the taps. When a tap is turned on, the water is heated straight from the mains so there is no need to store hot or cold water in a cylinder or tank.

Benefits of Combi Boiler:

  • Combi boilers being suitable for a small property due to the boiler being compact and cost effective.

Boiler prices and installation costs

The price of a boiler depends upon the type and size of boiler. Below is an indication of the typical price range of a boiler:-

Type of boiler Price range
Gas combi £499 to £825
Gas system £512 to £910
Gas conventional £492 to £3,600
Oil Combi £2,057 to £3,191
Oil system £1,335 to £2,407
Oil conventional £1,107 to £3,770

Boiler Installation costs:

There are a number of factors that impact upon the cost of installing a boiler but as a guide you may be talking in the region of £500 to £3,000 but it could be more.

We can arrange for you to receive a number of competitive quotations for the purchase and installation of a boiler from a number of our experienced, reliable suppliers and/or fitters who are on our extensive, nationwide panel.

What you should think about before buying a new boiler?

Although buying a new boiler is never going to be as exciting as buying a new car or booking the next family holiday it is such an important decision for your home that needs careful consideration.

This list is not exhaustive but they are certainly some important factors to consider.

  1. Get the opinion of a Gas Safe registered engineer and friends and family

    Before deciding which brand of boiler and which type of boiler to purchase arrange for a number of Gas Safe registered boiler installers to visit your home and provide quotes. They will have the experience and be able to provide you with a number of different options. Finding out from friends and family what type of boiler they have and how happy they are with it can be invaluable. Likewise, if they could recommend a Gas Safe registered installer who they were happy with it could be very reassuring.

  2. Choosing a reliable boiler with a well-known brand name

    The more reliable your boiler the less you are going to have to spend on it in the long term getting it repaired. It would be a good thing to speak to friends and family who have had a new boiler installed in the last few years and see how reliable their boiler has been and what the boiler brand is. The cheapest boiler isn't always going to be the best in the long term if it proves to be unreliable or is more expensive to have repaired. Find out more here on the differences between boiler brands

  3. Select the right type of boiler for your property

    Most homes in the UK are on mains gas. If you are on mains gas there are three types of boiler for you to consider.

    Combi boiler

    Over 50% of new boilers installed in the UK are combi boilers or combination boilers that they are more formally known as. A combi boiler is called 'combi' as it does a combination of heating the water and providing the central heating for your home. Alongside providing two solutions in one a combi boiler also does not need a separate hot water cylinder which saves space in your property. Take a read of our blog to find out how a combi boiler works

    Conventional boiler

    Conventional boilers are primarily found in older or larger properties. They are also known as regular or heat only boilers. To have a conventional boiler you will need a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank in the property so you do need to have the extra space. Conventional boilers do work well in properties with a high demand for hot water.

    Systems boiler

    Systems boilers are generally viewed as an alternative to a conventional boiler where the property does need a stored water cylinder. The main advantage of a system boiler over a conventional boiler is that they require less space.

    To decide between the combi boiler, conventional boiler or systems boiler it is best to seek the advice of Gas Safe registered installers.

  4. How energy efficient is the boiler?

    The boiler accounts for 60% of what you spend each year on energy bills according to the Energy Savings Trust so the more energy efficient a boiler is the more it can save on the energy bills. Coupled with this there is new legislation from 6th April, 2018 meaning that all new gas boilers installed from that date must meet a minimum performance standard of 92% ErP. The Government's aim is to give people greater control over the use of energy in their homes. This standard makes it a requirement to have times and room thermostats. It is also necessary to have an additional energy efficiency measure. They can be one of the below.

    • Flue gas heat recovery systems
    • Weather compensation
    • Load compensation
    • Smart controls featuring automation and optimisation functions

    The potential savings and the new legislative requirement make it very important to shop around for the right boiler brand that is installed by the right Gas Safe registered installer.

  5. Get multiple quotes before purchasing

    We would always recommend getting between three and four quotes from Gas Safe registered installers, and they may be able to offer finance options for new boilers. Doing this will allow you to compare the costs and to get an understanding for the quality of the work of the different boiler companies. It also helps you to make sure that you are getting competitive quotes as the prices will invariably vary. We would not necessarily recommend going for the cheapest price just because it is the cheapest. The boiler does need to be affordable but it also needs to be energy efficient and reliable. Read our blog on how we can help you get multiple local boiler quotes in minutes. 

There are a few leading boiler manufacturers which supply to installers across the UK. In this article, we will be looking at

Worcester Bosch boiler prices range between £770 and £2,030 before installation but including VAT.

Vaillant boiler prices range between £870 and £1,310 before installation but including VAT

Atag boiler prices range between £2,050 and £2,450 before installation but including VAT.

Viessmann boiler prices range between £840 and £1,220 before installation but including VAT.

Baxi boiler prices range between £720 and £1,150 before installation but including VAT.

Glow-worm boiler prices range between £610 and £1,790 before installation but including VAT.

Ideal boiler prices range between £660 and £1,340 before installation but including VAT.

Potterton boiler prices range between £650 and £1,000 before installation but including VAT.

If you in a flat or a smaller home, most professional installers will recommend that a boiler whose output is between twenty-four and twenty-seven kilowatts. Boilers generating this power can cost between £480 and £1,400.

If you live in a larger property, ask your installer to fit a twenty-eight to thirty-four-kilowatt boiler instead. If you have three to four bedrooms, this is most likely to best choice for you. If you choose one of these boilers, you can expect to pay between £509 and, at the very top end of the range, £2,740.

If you live in a large home, it is always best to get advice. A professional installer should tell you that a boiler generating thirty-five kilowatts or above is the most suitable and economical solution for you. The most powerful boilers range from around £750 to £1,990.

If you have owned your boiler for more than 15 years, it is advisable to replace it. Also, if it breaks down or is in need of serious repairs, you will want to consider replacing your boiler. 

For smaller homes with only one bathroom, combi boilers are the most appropriate choice.


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