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Double glazed windows and doors make any home more secure and energy efficient, which means they’re a worthy investment. You get two doors and windows quote from reliable and trusted installers vetted by Compare Companies that are open and transparent. Our free, no obligation service will see these installers visit you personally and make sure the quotes cover everything involved in the work you have planned for double glazed doors and windows.

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Windows and Doors For Your Home

There are a wide variety of windows and doors on the market from a huge range of installers. For ease, the same companies that install windows will be able to provide double glazed doors too.

The best way to get the new windows and doors you want at the most affordable price is to get three to four doors and windows quote from experienced installers because they compete with each other to win your business. That competition means the price you pay may be up to 40% cheaper than if you had gone for one windows quote from a more expensive provider.

Windows & Doors
Windows & Doors

The Benefits Of New Windows And Doors

A double glazed door helps to keep heat inside the rooms in your home and the property as a whole, so can make a huge difference to your energy bills and comfort levels when paired with new windows.

New doors and windows bring benefits to your home, such as:

Increasing the value of your home
Reducing energy bills
Reducing condensation inside the glass
Lowering noise levels coming from outside
Limiting draughts that bring chills inside
Being available in different styles and colours

What’s The Cost Of Windows And Doors?

The cost of installing windows and doors onto your property depends on the number of windows and doors you’re replacing, the material they’re made from, the energy efficiency grading of the material chosen, and the complexity of installation.

The choice and variety of external double glazed doors for your property is even wider than the choice and variety available for windows. As a rule of thumb, expect to pay £250-£350 for uPVC doors, £200-£950 for wooden doors, and from £600 for composite doors.

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What Materials Are Modern Windows And Doors Made From?

Modern windows and doors are available in a choice of four materials at different price points, each with their own advantages to think about.


uPVC is the most popular framing and construction material for replacement windows and doors thanks to the many and varied different advantages it offers to homeowners, particularly those who want to achieve the best result on the tightest budgets.

uPVC is long-lasting, looks great and resists the most extreme conditions that the British climate can throw at it. Plus, most uPVC manufactured in the UK is now 100% recyclable, making it more environmentally friendly than ever before.


Timber windows and doors (often referred to as wooden windows and doors) last up to 50 years when properly maintained.

Timber windows and doors add real value and aesthetic elegance to a home, especially period properties 50 years or older. Their insulation properties are superb, meaning you keep the noise from outside from entering your home and you keep the warmth inside from escaping onto the street.

Windows & Doors
aluminium windows


Very much in line with current home design trends, the metallic look offered on metal or aluminium framing for windows has been growing in popularity over recent years.

Aluminium windows are very light and very durable – their manufacturing process also imbues the frames with the ability to resist decay and corrosion over a very long space of time, especially when they are maintained correctly.

Composite Windows And Doors

Composite windows and doors are considered the superior material for use on domestic doors and windows because of their extremely long life span.

Visually, they have the wow factor as they marry together the effortless aesthetics of metal framing cladded onto the surface of hardwood framing. They’re fully recyclable, very low maintenance, reliable, and strong – composite windows and doors seem to last forever and deliver excellent insulation qualities.

Windows & Doors

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Our doors and windows quote come from manufacturers and installers that have been vetted and certified by CERTASS and/or FENSA. This means you can trust their prices and quality of work to be the best available. We make sure double glazed doors and window prices from our installers are clear and transparent, so you know what to expect at all times. Get in touch with our team at Compare Companies by filling in the form to learn more about the cost of new windows and doors today.

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