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Wood Frame Window Costs

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Getting the best wood window price is easy with Compare Companies. We provide two quotes from reliable and trust installers, letting you pick the best one. These are provided after face-to-face meetings, so you know exactly who will be doing the work on your home, and can avoid unpleasant surprises. This is all part of our free, no obligation service, whether you want new or wood replacement window costs.

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Choosing Wood Windows

Wood is a natural insulator, and aesthetically, many homeowners think it’s a better choice than either uPVC or aluminium. You can apply a much wider range of effects to wooden frames, offering you the opportunity for real personalisation. This makes wood windows the perfect choice for anyone looking to find their own style, and wood windows prices are competitive to make them appeal to many people.

Wood Frame Window Costs
Wood Frame Window Costs

The Benefits Of Wood Windows

In terms of strength, timber is much stronger than uPVC, making it the ideal window material for larger, more complex window designs. Although uPVC windows are efficient, wooden windows are considerably more energy efficient because they are natural materials. Wooden windows are also the first choice in heritage and older properties, where window replacements must be ‘like for like’ to fully comply with local planning and building regulations.

For the best of both worlds, you may wish to consider timber-effect window frames, which involves using other materials for a wood-like finish.

Wood Windows Vs uPVC


Wooden windows

uPVC windows

Size capability









Energy efficiency

Very high


Weather resistance




Range of woods and stains

2,540 RAL colour options


Double / Triple

Double / Triple



20 – 30 years

Wood Frame Window Costs

What Is The Best Wood For Windows?

Wooden window frames are available in hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwood windows typically work out to be between 30 and 40% more expensive than softwood window frames because hardwood takes longer to grow than softwood. You should keep this in mind when thinking about the total wood window price you want to pay.

Cedar, fir, and pine are all popular softwood window frame options. They’re both easy to work with, though softwood is considered more environmentally friendly as it can be grown quickly. This makes it more affordable and a great choice to keep wood replacement window costs low.

Increase the valOak, Sapele, and Idigbo are favoured timber for hardwood window frames. Due to its slow growth, hardwood features a tighter grain than softwood, making it more durable and longer-lasting. Hardwood also offers better rot and decay protection, although chemically treated softwoods – such as Accoya® – offer heightened stability and rot-resistance too.

What Do Wood Frame Windows Cost?

Size (mm)


Approximate Price


Approximate Price

600 x 900





900 x 1200





1200 x 1200





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Our wood windows prices come directly from manufacturers and installers that have been vetted and certified by CERTASS and/or FENSA, which means you can trust them to offer the most competitive quotes and best quality of work. We make sure every wood window price from our quotes are clear and transparent, so you know what to expect at all times. Get in touch with our team at Compare Companies by filling in the form to learn more about new or wood replacement windows costs today.

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