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With tilt and turn windows prices from Compare Companies, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quotes for the work you want to have done on your home. Windows are important, so choosing the right style, size, and material will make a huge difference. We provide two quotes from trusted installers with our free, no-obligation service to make sure you can pick the best tilt and turn windows cost.

Learn more about tilt and turn window prices below, and why they should be used for your home.

What Are Tilt And Turn Windows?

Tilt and turn windows are known for their unique opening mechanism; with the handle turned 90°, tilt and turn windows open fully into the home, and when it’s turned 180°, they tilt slightly inward, leaving an aperture at the top of the window.

Tilt and turn windows can either be tilted inward or opened fully inward. Therefore, for rooms where you’re strapped for internal space, you might consider casement windows, which open outwards.

Like casement windows, tilt and turn windows come with a key-operated handle. When they are closed, simply turning the key will lock and unlock them as required.

Block of flats
Person securely opening a window

The Benefits Of Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows have plenty of benefits, making them a popular choice well worth the price for many people. It might depend on your home as to whether they will work as well as other window styles, but they:

Can be cleaned from inside the home, making it a practical choice – especially for high-up locations
Can safely ventilate the home whilst making sure no one can fall out
Can be used as a fire escape in an emergency.

Where Are Tilt And Turn Windows Used?

Tilt and turn windows are mostly installed in flats or multi-storey residential buildings and other high-up locations. This is because their ability to be tilted inwards means that homeowners can safely ventilate their home without fear of young children escaping outside. As they can be safely cleaned from inside the home, there is no need to hire a window cleaner or take any risks when cleaning them.

It’s important to bear in mind that a window installer is likely to require scaffolding in order to install tilt and turn windows, which will be factored into the overall cost of tilt and turn windows.

Anglian White UPVC tilt and turn windows open gold handle close up

How Much Do Tilt And Turn Windows Cost?

Tilt and turn windows cost slightly more than casement windows of the same size and material. This is due to their more complex opening mechanisms. The other factors affecting tilt and turn windows prices are the same that affect other types of double glazing, such as material, size and finish.

Size (mm)


Approximate Price


Approximate Price


Approximate Price

800 x 800



Wood Grain


Anthracite Grey


1000 x 800



Wood Grain


Anthracite Grey


1000 x 1000



Wood Grain


Anthracite Grey


1200 x 1200



Wood Grain


Anthracite Grey


uPVC Tilt And Turn Window Prices

Of the 3 most popular window materials (uPVC, aluminium and timber), uPVC tilt and turn windows are the most cost-effective. However, don’t let their budget-friendliness fool you – uPVC tilt and turn windows are highly durable, energy-efficient, secure and easy to maintain.

If you’d like a woodgrain finish applied to them, this will give them an appearance that emulates timber windows, but it will also raise their price. For example, you can expect to pay approximately £425 for a white 80 x 80cm uPVC tilt and turn window and approximately £550 for a woodgrain version of the same size. However, woodgrain finishes work well with traditional styles of architecture, justifying the cost of tilt and turn windows in this style.

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Our Tilt and turn window prices come from manufacturers and installers that have been vetted and certified by CERTASS and/or FENSA, which means you can trust their quotes and quality of work to be the best available. We make sure tilt and turn window prices from our quotes are clear and transparent, so you know what to expect at all times. Get in touch with our team at Compare Companies by filling in the form to learn more about the cost of tilt and turn windows today.

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