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Double Glazing Prices

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Double glazing prices is one of the biggest obstacles people face when installing new windows, but you’ll make your investment back quickly. With Compare Companies, we provide two installers to give you the best double glazing cost for what you need. This is a free, no-obligation service.

Find out more about double glazing prices, and see what you can expect to pay.

Double Glazing Prices

Trying to work out the cost of double glazing for your home depends on a range of factors. The cost of materials and labour has increased over recent years but new windows will have an immediate impact on your energy bills and comfort levels, making installing new windows a priority for any homeowner.

Other factors that can affect double glazing prices include:

The number of double glazed windows you want fitting
The size of those windows
The frame used to hold the double glazing
Tilt and turn windows in white open inwards with white blinds
Double Glazing Prices

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

Many people start their search for double glazing prices online. While each installation is different, you can get an estimate of what double glazed window prices might be by looking at similar products and properties to your own.

At Compare Companies, we’ve worked with our double glazing installers for years, and we know the rough estimates provided so we can make sure you’re ready before the work starts.

The Cost Of Double Glazing For Houses And Flats

The cost of double glazing can vary depending on the type of property you own. Larger properties have more windows, which means they’re going to be more expensive to replace. Terraced houses only have windows on two walls in most cases, whereas a semi-detached home has three walls of potential windows.


Windows Needed









Two-storey home





Two-storey home





Two-storey home





UPVC Double Glazed Window Prices

uPVC double glazed window prices can change depending on the price of the materials, the floor the window is being installed in, and the size of the windows. These windows can cost anywhere from £300 to £950 per window.

This is one of the most popular window frame options.

More about UPVC double glazing

Aluminium Double Glazed Window Prices

Aluminium double glazed windows cost more than uPVC frames, but they are stronger and much more environmentally friendly. These windows can hold thicker panes of glass, providing better insulation. These windows can cost between £400 and £900 per window.

More about aluminium double glazing

Wooden Double Glazed Window Prices

Double glazed windows prices for wood windows are more expensive than other materials, and it requires regular maintenance, but it is a better looking option and allows you to style it just to your liking. These windows range from £500 to £1,200 per window.

More about wooden double glazing

Casement Double Glazed Window Prices

Casement windows open from either the side or the top using hinges, and are one of the most popular and economical styles. The windows themselves can be kept open for long periods of time, perfect for letting fresh air in and encouraging ventilation. Casement double glazed window prices range from £150 to £300 per window.

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French Casement Double Glazed Window Prices

French casement windows open much further than standard casement windows, and are well-known for their low maintenance requirements. They’re great for ventilation and feature high security locks for those concerned about security or children’s safety. The price of these windows range from £350 to £700 per window.

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Tilt And Turn Double Glazed Windows Prices

Tilt and turn double glazing is one of the latest styles of window in the market. They open inwards into a room using a hinge found at the base of the window but because they tilt inwards, rain does not get into your rooms, and they’re much safer to have around younger children. The cost of double glazing tilt and turn windows range from £400 to £650 per window.

More about tilt and turn windows

Bay Double Glazed Windows Prices

An evergreen and popular style of window, bay windows project outwards from the wall of your home to form a bay in your room. Much more expensive than standard windows, a bay window is a very desirable feature in your home, and can add to your property’s value.

A bay window can cost between £1,000 and £2,000 per window, depending on if it’s a three or four-section window.

More about bay windows

Bow Double Glazed Windows Prices

Bow windows are wider but flatter versions of bay windows. They’re highly thought of in design and architecture circles because of the superior view that homeowners get on either the garden or street.

A bow window can cost between £1,100 and £1,700 per window, depending on if it’s a three or four-section window.

More about bow windows

Sash Double Glazed Window Prices

Sash windows usually have anywhere between two to six smaller frames separated by bars. They’re reminiscent of the types of windows you find in older properties and are favoured by many homeowners for their impressive appearance. The price of these windows range from £550 to £900 per window.

Size (mm)


Approximate Price


Approximate Price

500 x 500



Wood Grain


1000 x 500



Wood Grain


1000 x 1000



Wood Grain


1200 x 1200



Wood Grain


Dual Turn Double Glazed Windows Prices

A development on from the tilt and turn windows, dual turn windows use the same technology and operate in the same way, but they look much more like a sash window. These windows range from £475 to £600 per window.

Size of window (cm²)

Approximate price per window







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