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New windows can make an instant difference to your home, improving your energy efficiency and keeping your home more comfortable to live in. At Compare Companies, we aim to make the process of getting a cost of new window simple, which is why we provide two quotes from trusted professionals. They provide quotes based on what you need and the condition of your property.

Learn more about the cost of new windows below, and why you should consider them.

When Do You Need New Windows?

If you live in an old property or have moved into your new home, then you could benefit from having new windows fitted. Although the cost of new windows needs to be taken into account, especially the cost of new double glazing, you could notice a difference right away once they’re done.

New Windows
New Windows

The Benefits Of New Windows

There are plenty of benefits to having new windows installed in your home, such as:

Increased property value
Easy maintenance of new double glazed units
Reduced fuel bills
Less condensation
More secure
Look better
Reduced outside noise levels
Fewer draughts

Different Types of Windows

There are so many different types of windows to choose from, and all have their own styles and uses. When you’re looking for new windows, knowing what you can choose from can make the process quicker, particularly as certain styles of new double glazed windows cost more than others.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows really benefit homeowners by letting lots of light into rooms. When you open or close them, the hinged handle moves the pane in a similar way to the way when you open or close a door. They’re very easy to use and, when opened, they let a lot of air in – great for ventilation on very warm days.

You can choose from a range of casement window styles, including:

Pivoted or centre hinge casement windows
Easy maintenance of new double glazed units
Easy maintenance of new double glazed units
Hopper or bottom hung casement windows
Awning or top hung casement windows
Sliding folding casement windows
Top light casement windows
Side hung casement windows
New Windows
Tilt and turn windows in white open inwards with white blinds

French Casement Windows

French casement windows look great and, because of the way they’re constructed, they offer a much greater and unobstructed view of the outside.

Unlike with some two-paned casement windows, there is no bar in the middle – rather, both parts of the frame are hinged in such a way that each side of the window can be opened either internally or externally. On particularly warm days, the ventilation offered by French casement windows is superb.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are the quintessential and traditional British style of window – you’re very likely to see them on older and listed residential buildings.

Sash windows slide across their frame, either horizontally or vertically, when they’re opened. The most common type of sash windows are single sash windows – the bottom pane slides upwards allowing air to enter the room through the window frame’s lower half. When opened, they let a lot of air from the outside in and they can refresh a stuffy room in seconds.

New Windows
New Windows

Double Hung Sash Windows

Double hung sash windows are considerably more expensive than single sash windows. Their greater flexibility allows air to come in from either the top part of the window, the bottom part of the window, or through both halves of each window depending on your personal preference.

Double hung sash windows are better for security than single sash windows because the space created, especially when both panes are centrally situated, is too small for a burglar to break in. Depending on positioning, it can also prevent pets or children from falling out of the window.

Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a modern style of window offering greater ventilation to homeowners without sacrificing security. They’re easy to operate and clean – not that they require much maintenance in the first place.

Tilt and turn windows have handles to the side and at the bottom. If the side handle is used to open the window, it opens like a side hung casement window, whereas if the bottom handle is used to open the window, it opens like a bottom hung casement window.

Anglian White UPVC tilt and turn windows open gold handle close up
A tilt and turn window open inwards on a beige coloured house

Tilt Only

A cheaper option than either tilt and turn or dual tilt and turn windows, the tilt only opens inwards. From a health and safety point of view, there’s no chance of a child climbing out of the window. However, you won’t be able to use the window as a means of escape in case of emergency.

When you open them, it’s very easy to clean the opening panel of the window from the inside, although cleaning the outside from indoors might require a bit of a stretch.

Bay Windows

A stylistic evolution from the traditional Oriel style in Victorian Britain, bay windows protrude out from the wall on which they’re installed, often forming extra space within the room to which they’re attached and offering a panoramic view not possible with standard flat-laid windows.

They look amazing and have been a constant feature on style-driven home designs since the Georgian and Edwardian eras. There is traditionally one much larger pane in a bay window installation connected to two equally-sized smaller frames which connect to the wall.

Anglian White uPVC square bay window blinds
Anglian Dual Anthracite Grey White UPVC bay window

Bow Windows

Just like bay windows, bow windows, sometimes called compass windows, create extra space by protruding from the outside of the property. They provide homeowners with a more complete view of the outside with the protrusion on bow windows much less pronounced that with bay windows. This effect is achieved by the use of up to eight conjoined panes, the two most extreme of which are connected to the exterior of the property.

Although unusual, bow windows can wrap around the side of a building in the form of a turret shape. You should expect to pay up to three and a half times what you’d pay for a bay window for a bow window.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are windows that are generally used in places which would benefit from some or more natural light – more often than not, they’re added to properties after construction because a homeowner finds themselves unsatisfied with the illumination and ambience of a given room. There are no openings in fixed windows.

Fixed Window

Get The Best Deal On Your New Double Glazed Windows

New windows are not always the cheapest way to improve your home, but they have a big effect, as well as helping make your home more secure. Before you choose anyone to carry out the work, you should make sure the cost of new windows is the best it can be.

Follow these steps to make sure you get the best price on your new double glazed windows.

1) Make Sure You Use A Professional

Always use a specialist for any new double glazed windows installed on your home. Make sure that they have the qualifications and experience necessary to do the work you want well.

2) Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are not just for restaurants and takeaways – customers rate double-glazing companies on the internet as well. Online reviews are like the modern day “word of mouth” marketing – in most cases, you’re reading the first-hand and real-life experiences of the company you’re considering using.

Remember that no company gets it right every time, and you can tell a lot about a company and their approach to customer service and customer satisfaction by what they do when things have gone wrong.

3) Get A Quote Before You Agree To Anything

Never settle for an estimate on new windows – always insist on a quote with a fixed price. Before you make the decision, have three or four fixed price quotes in front of you. For each installer you meet, ask that the quote they provide meets your exact specifications and that there will be no surprise final bills.

Many installers work in partnership with finance companies to help you manage the cost of new windows with extended payment terms. Finance companies compete ferociously with each other to help installers, so always ask your installer about interest-free deals and deferred first payment options.

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Get The Best Cost of New Windows

Our new window prices are the best they can be, because they come straight from installers that have been vetted and certified by CERTASS and/or FENSA. This means you can trust them to do work you’ll be happy with. We make sure the cost of new windows are transparent and complete, so there are no unexpected surprises. Get in touch with our team at Compare Companies by filling in the form to learn more about new double glazed windows today.

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You will get the best information tailored to your particular situation when you compare different installers. By using our free no obligation service, you will have all of the tools at your disposal to make the best decision possible. Get 2 quotes from trusted local suppliers who operate in your postcode area, even if you do not find a quotation that satisfies your needs, you are free to decline any quotations.

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