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Tiled Conservatory Roofs

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Compare Companies provides competitive and transparent tiled conservatory roof quotes, so you’ll always know what’s involved in the work you have planned and can avoid unexpected costs. Our tiled conservatory roof installers are local and qualified experts in your area, meaning they know what needs to be done with your home. We arrange face-to-face meetings so you can get to know who’s doing the work and what each stage involves. Try our free, no-obligation service and get an accurate cost of a conservatory with a tiled roof.

Learn more about tiled conservatory roofs.

What Is A Tiled Conservatory Roof?

Tiled conservatory roofs enable you to relax in your conservatory throughout the year, as they lose less heat than many other types of roof. Tiled roof conservatories are popular for a number of different reasons – the main one being that they require much less ongoing maintenance than glass or polycarbonate roofs. They provide superior insulation and noise-cancelling properties as well.

Many homeowners looking to refresh and modernise their conservatories don’t replace their conservatory, they just replace their conservatory roof. This is much cheaper than getting a new conservatory and the work can be carried out a lot quicker.

The most popular manufacturer of tiled conservatory roofs are guardian conservatory roofs. These are insulated, tiled roofing systems that make conservatories usable throughout the year.

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Benefits Of Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Energy efficient
The colour of the roofing material can be blended in to closely match the roof on your home.
Any style and size of conservatory roof can be accommodated.
Reduced condensation and noise.
Conservatory can be used all year as it is cool in the hot summer months and warm in the winter.
The conservatory conversions cost is affordable.
Quick installation causing minimum disruption.
The main structure and interior of your conservatory can also be refurbished at the same time.
Tiled Conservatory Roofs

How Much Do Tiled Conservatory Roofs Cost?

The amount you’ll pay for a conservatory with a tiled roof will depend on the type of conservatory roofing tiles you want, the size of your conservatory roof, and the amount of preparation needed. Speak to your installer to make sure these details are covered and included in any quote you get, so you can budget appropriately.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Prices

Our partner installers have Tiled Conservatory Roof Quotes on different sized conservatories:

Installation Height (mm)

Installation Width (mm)

Lowest and Highest Returned Quotes



£7,300 - £8,100



£8,500 - £9,500



£17,000 - £19,000

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side view of a conservatory with a grey tiled roof attached to a red brick house

Types Of Tiled Conservatory Roofs

When choosing a tiled conservatory roof, you can choose the material your installer uses. Bear in mind that depending on the structural integrity and strength of your conservatory, not all of these choices may be available to you.

Concrete: the most common type of tile used is made from concrete. It absorbs water and each tile will become heavier over time. This means that concrete tiles are probably not a viable option for you if your conservatory is 15 years old or more
Slate: although more expensive, slate is a popular option. Visually, it looks amazing and guests will be wowed by the appearance. Be sure to ask your installer to quote you for them, but if you find they’re out of your budget, ask about synthetic slate tiles
Composite Roof Tiles: very lightweight and available in a wide variety of colours

Insulated Panels: these are less of a replacement roof and more of an upgrade on each existing panel. They are the easiest to install and most conservatory roof replacement work can be carried out and completed in a day.

Edwardian Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Tiled conservatory roofs offer the best insulation (for heat and noise), temperature control, and condensation control compared to both polycarbonate and glass Edwardian roofs. There are a lot of customisation options for your Edwardian tiled conservatory roof. From different colours to different materials, you can find the right combination for your needs.

Victorian Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Conservatories with tiled roofs offer better sound and heat insulation, condensation rarely occurs in them, and it’s much easier to control the internal temperature. Although you do lose some light, you can add as much back as you’d like with the addition of as many roof-lights as you like.

Conservatory roof tiles can be selected to match the tiling on your roof or you can choose something unique from a range of materials, colours, and textures, making them a great choice for a Victorian conservatory.

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For the best tiled conservatory roof quotes that are competitive and transparent, our network of local installers should be your first choice. Our installers are FENSA or CERTASS certified, so you can be sure of the quality of their work when choosing who to work on your tiled roof conservatory. Contact our team at Compare Companies now through the form and we’ll make sure you get great tiled conservatory roof prices.

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