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A guide to conservatory converters for existing roofs

Conservatory converters are able to transform your existing conservatory roof that was originally constructed using the likes of single glazing or inferior polycarbonate without having to remove the old roof. A new light-weight tiled roof system is fitted over your existing roof providing a number of advantages.

Benefits of conservatory roof converters

There are a number of reasons a conservatory roof replacement using alternative materials such as double glazed panels or a tiled roof can prove beneficial.
For instance: –

A great investment adding value to your property.
The colour of the roofing material can be blended in to closely match the roof on your home.
Any style and size of conservatory roof can be accommodated.
Reduced condensation and noise.
Conservatory can be used all year as it is cool in the hot summer months and warm in the winter.
The conservatory conversions cost is affordable.
Quick installation causing minimum disruption.
The main structure and interior of your conservatory can also be refurbished at the same time.
Conservatory Converters

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