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Comparing boiler costs could save you up to 30%
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How much does it cost to install a boiler in the UK?

When budgeting for your replacement combi boiler, here’s a general range of prices to give you a good idea of just how much you’ll need to save up.

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Price Range

The cost of your boiler


Boiler installation cost


Cost of moving pipes


Mechanical flush before installation




Full break down of combi boiler prices

What are the different types of boilers?

There are two main types of boiler – conventional boilers and combination (or combi) boilers. They work differently, so it is useful to compare functionality and boiler costs.

Unlike conventional boilers, combi boilers don’t need a hot water tank. Combi boilers heat the water directly from the mains, so you’ll benefit from an unlimited supply of hot water. This also means it’s much easier and quicker to heat your home rather than waiting for a hot water tank to fill up.

Combi boilers are also much more compact than traditional boilers. Most homes have them fitted in their kitchens neatly stored away behind a storage cabinet door.

How does a combi boiler work?

woman looking closely at a boiler
Smart Thermostat

Conventional vs combi boiler | What are the advantages of combi boilers?


Combi Boilers

Conventional Boilers

Unlimited hot water

Low maintenance

Compact size

Easy to install

Immersion back up

Doesn’t rely on mains pressure

Can add shower pumps


10-15 years

10-15 years

3 ways to spot that your boiler needs replacing

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Is it worth replacing an old boiler? | What are the benefits?

Heightened sense of comfort & warmth all year round
Precise temperature control
Notable energy bill reductions
Quieter operation
Fewer pressure issues
Improved energy ratings increase kerb appeal
New boilers save space in comparison to older models
Reduces your carbon footprint
Cleaner water supply
Essential peace of mind

6 common myths about boiler replacing busted

boiler being replaced
Gas Boiler

How do I work out what size boiler I need?

Power Output

№ of Radiators

24–27 kW

Up to 10

28–34 kW

10 – 15

32–40 kW


12–15 kW

Up to 10

18–24 kW

10 – 15

30–40 kW


If your replacement combi boiler is going into the same place in your home where it is now, your installer will probably recommend a boiler that is exactly the same size or very close in size. If you’re moving the boiler to a new location in your property, be sure to tell the installer where you want it to go so that they can recommend a boiler that fits comfortably into the place you have in mind.

What are the differences between the main boiler brands?

What is involved with replacing a boiler?

Find an installer
Get a quote
Remove the old boiler
System flush/clean prior to installation (British Standards best practice)
Pipework changes/upgrades
Fit the new boiler
System filter recommendation (British Standards best practice)
Installer tests the new system
Handover e.g. how to operate it & basic maintenance checks that can be done to prolong its life
Validate guarantee by registering the boiler with the manufacturer (homeowner or installer)

Depending on the type of boiler you’ve chosen and the complexity of the job, boiler installation can take between 1-3 days.

Our Simple Boiler Comparison & Advice Guide

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