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What Is A Burglar Alarm?

Burglar alarms have evolved a lot since they first became popular additions to people’s homes in the 1980s and 1990s. At that time, sensors were sometimes a little too sensitive, and your burglar alarm could go off for no reason at all. Wireless systems had a limited range, so for any outhouses, sheds, or other outside buildings that needed protecting, it was difficult to find a sensor that was powerful enough. Nowadays, burglar alarm systems are far more advanced.

The sad fact is that most people don’t think about having a burglar alarm fitted to their home until after they’ve been the victim of a burglary. This can make you feel unsafe for months to come, even after an alarm has been fitted.

burglar alarm
Burglar Alarm Quotes

What Are The Benefits Of A Burglar Alarm?

The reasons for getting a burglar alarm installed include:

Protecting your home and possessions
Protecting your family from harm
Notifying your neighbours and the police of a break-in
Protecting yourself from confrontation

Where Can Burglar Alarms Be Fitted?

Burglar alarms can be installed in almost any type of residential or business premises. So, whether you own a two-bedroom bungalow, a three-bedroom semi-detached house, an exclusive country mansion, or a commercial premises, there’s sure to be a burglar alarm system that’s suitable for your needs.

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How Do Burglar Alarm Systems Work?

There are four main parts to your burglar alarm:

Burglar Alarm Control Panel

The burglar alarm control panel is the box on the wall (usually near the front door) that switches the system off and on. Burglar alarm control panels receive signals from all the sensors in your home. As the sensors use slightly different frequencies, you can switch the alarm on in certain parts of your home while leaving it off in others. Your burglar alarm system will only be looking out for alerts from the sensors it’s monitoring.

Alarm Sensors And Contacts

Sensors are placed around your home to look for movement in a room. They do this by using Passive Infrared Detectors (PIRs). PIRs look for moving objects that give off body heat. When it detects them, and the burglar alarm is switched on, it will go into emergency mode. In this mode, it will ring the bell box, contact the police, send a text message, or do whatever it is you’ve requested from your installer.

You can also attach contacts to your doors and windows. If your alarm is switched on and someone tries to open a door or a window, the contact will detect this, and it will then trigger the alarm.

Wireless Alarm Keyfobs

Keyfobs look like the type of car keys you press to open and shut the doors. You can use them to switch your burglar alarm on or off.

Alarm “Bell Box”

The bell boxes are attached to the outside of your home, generally at the front and the back. They show a burglar that an alarm protects your home. If your burglar alarm system is triggered, it’s the bell box that makes the loud noise alerting people that something may be wrong. Although still called a bell box by many in the trade, it’s more usual now to have a siren sound than a clanging bell.


Wired vs Wireless Burglar Alarms

Both wired and wireless home burglar alarm systems are customisable. This means you can add extra sensors, extra contacts, and extra keyfobs for your convenience. You can also specify to a monitored alarm installer whether you want a police response in the event of a triggered alarm. However, this normally costs extra at the time of installation.

How Do Burglar Alarm Systems Work?

Wired Burglar Alarms

With a wired burglar alarm system, everything, including the sensors, is hardwired into the mains. This means that you never have to worry about a battery running low. However, the installation prices are a lot higher because of the amount of wiring that needs to be run, which will increase your overall burglar alarm costs.

Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

More homeowners have wireless burglar alarms fitted than any other type of alarm. The main control panel is hooked up to the mains, but the sensors are battery-powered. Because they use so little electricity, the batteries used in sensors tend to last for a long time – for many years in some cases. If the battery in a sensor is beginning to run low, it will either:

Send a message back to the control panel
Continuously flash until you replace the battery.

Monitored Burglar Alarm Systems

Also known as a keyholder response alarm, you can choose to have your home burglar alarm monitored. That means should something happen and the alarm is set off, your control panel will tell you or someone else.

What a monitored burglar alarm can do has progressed a lot in recent years. You can now wire microphones up in your home so that when the alarm is activated, a monitoring station can listen to what’s happening. Some companies will install speakers too, to challenge any intruder who has broken into your property.

Burglar Alarm Quotes

What Is An Auto-Dialler System?

You have the option to select an “auto-dialler” system. When your burglar alarm is triggered, the control panel uses either a fixed line or a mobile phone card to call someone you nominate to let them know that there has been an incident. For this to work, you need a landline phone connection, or you need to live in an area with good mobile phone reception.

What Are Smart Burglar Alarms?

There is also a new type of monitoring linked to your mobile phone. These “smart alarms” contact you, or someone you’ve nominated, by smartphone if your burglar alarm goes off. Smart burglar alarm systems typically show you live video from your home of the rooms where a break-in has been detected.

As with the “auto-dialler” system, you will need to make sure that your home gets a strong mobile phone signal before you invest in one of these alarm systems. Otherwise, you could end up with unnecessary burglar alarm costs.

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