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Alarm Systems Installation Quotes

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Alarm Systems Installation Quotes
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Alarm Systems Installation Quotes
Burglar Alarm Quotes
Alarm Systems Installation Quotes
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Alarm Systems Installation Quotes
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Alarm Systems Installation Quotes

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Alarm Systems Installation Quotes

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Alarm Systems Installation Quotes

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Home alarm systems provide the peace of mind you need to know your home is safe and secure, whether you’re in or out. Compare companies are here to help you find the best prices on a house alarm system that does everything you need it to. Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll find the best alarm system installer for your needs and arrange a time for them to find out more about the project. Our service is free, and there’s no obligation to proceed – but we’re confident you’ll get the best prices with us.

Find out more about how much alarm systems cost and what you should consider when choosing one.

What Is A Home Alarm System?

An alarm system is designed to secure your home from unauthorised entries. This is done through the use of sensors and contact points at doors, windows, and inside the property. When triggered, an alarm will sound to alert anyone nearby, and signals can be sent to mobile devices, contact centres, and the police for a rapid response.

Households and businesses can benefit from alarm systems to keep their property and belongings safe, and an alarm system can lower the cost of insurance, too. Even better, having a home alarm system can actually increase the value of a property when it is time to sell and move on.

Most importantly, the peace of mind you’ll get from having a security system installed will make a big difference to how comfortable you feel, whether you’re heading to work, going shopping, or heading off on holiday.

Alarm Systems Installation Quotes

What Kind Of Property Can An Alarm System Be Installed In?

Alarm systems can be fitted to almost any type of property, making sure no one feels like their home can be accessed by anyone. Home alarm systems can be installed in:

Terraced houses
Semi-detached properties
Detached houses

How Much Does An Alarm System Cost?

Home alarm systems vary in price depending on what you buy, who installs it, and what the ongoing maintenance or coverage costs. For example, you could pay:

£150 for a basic alarm system that you install yourself
£400 – £800 for a house alarm system installed by a professional company, along with an annual service charge of £100

Professional monitored home alarm system installed, with just an ongoing monthly cost of approximately £45 a month for the monitoring and service Compare Alarm System Costs

With the cost of alarm systems varying depending on the type of alarm system you choose, it can be hard to know what to expect to pay, and what each security system will cost to install. You can find out more about alarm system costs here.

burglar alarm

What Sort Of Home Alarm Systems Are Available?

There are a huge range of house alarm systems available, such as wireless burglar alarms, CCTV security systems, carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms to name a few.

With some alarm systems, you can see what’s happening at home or check any notifications through a smartphone or tablet at any time of day, no matter where you may be. Another option, either in place of or alongside this, is to have a company monitor things for you so you can be sure someone will always be ready to respond should it be necessary. These companies can get in touch with you and the police at the first sign of trouble.

Installing An Alarm System

It is possible to buy and install some simple alarm systems yourself, and this is a cheaper option than choosing the services of a professional supplier and fitter of home alarm systems.

However, this might limit what kind of security system you can install, and what kind of contact points can be fitted around your home. Wireless alarm systems can help here, but these tend to be more expensive than wired options – which also means knowing what to do with the wires for a neat finish.

Make sure you know where the sensors and contact points will go so you can keep everything connected – whether that’s wired or not – and ensure the control unit is in an easy to reach location when you enter. This will help if you do not have controls through an app or your battery is low.

Types Of Alarm Systems To Choose From

Choosing an alarm system is a big decision, and you want to make sure you get the right one for your home. All the different options can be overwhelming when you don’t know what each one does or when it should be used.

A house alarm system has to be right for you; both your home and your budget. There’s no one size fits all solution, and that’s why the supplier we arrange for you to meet will work with you to help you pick the right one. Knowing a bit about the different types of alarms in advance will help you be ready for this choice.

Bell-Only Alarm

The bell-only alarm system makes a noise when triggered by someone breaking into your home or property. If you’re not at home when the alarm goes off, you’re dependent upon someone else hearing the alarm and responding to it, such as calling the police and/or the burglar deciding not to break into the property.

Pros – DIY installation, economical and acts as a deterrent
Cons – You are dependent upon someone hearing the alarm when it goes off and being neighbourly enough to contact the police

Smart Home Security System

With a smart home security system, a warning of a possible burglary is provided via your tablet or smartphone – so you’re notified immediately of a possible intrusion in your property. A central hub and wi-fi enable a variety of systems to be connected, such as lights, cameras and motion sensors.

Pros – It is possible to install the alarm system yourself, you can be alerted even when not at home, and you can control the system from your smartphone
Cons – Can be costly and you’re dependent upon being in an area in which your mobile receives a signal

Dialer Burglar System

This system dials a phone number to warn you that your property has been broken into. This ensures that you, or a nominated person, is contacted as soon as an intruder sets off the alarm. It is sometimes possible to program in several numbers and as soon as someone picks up the phone none of the remaining numbers will be rung.

Pros – Immediate notification of an intruder, and multiple people can be called to maximise the chance of someone being able to deal with the issue
Cons – None of the nominated people may be available to receive the call

Monitoring Contract

A professional alarm company will fit either a wireless or wired alarm system and are paid by you on a regular basis to get in touch with yourself, the police, or attend your property if an intruder is detected.

There are two sorts of monitoring contracts: police response or keyholder. In the case of the former type, subject to availability, the police will respond to the break in. With keyholder contracts, either the monitoring company will respond to the incident and attend the scene, or they’ll get in touch with a nominated keyholder or contact the police.

Pros – an alarm company is available 24/7 to respond to the alarm going off
Cons – the system has to be installed by a professional, nominated keyholders must live within a reasonable distance from your property, the police cannot guarantee to attend the break-in and you have to pay for a monitoring contract on a regular basis

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