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About Us

Who are Compare Companies?

CompareCompanies was launched in 2008 to provide home owners with comparison quotes for a number of home improvements, including boilers, double glazing, conservatories, conservatory roofs, solar panels, security systems and home insulation. We have become best known for our ability to match the right buyers of a product or service with the right sellers of a product or service.

We don’t recommend a specific company but we provide a clear and transparent way for you to receive free and no obligation quotes.

Our Background

Compare Companies currently has offices in Stockport. We currently help up to 6000 home owners per week compare home improvement installers and energy efficiency product providers in a simple and hassle free manner.

Homeowners trust using our comparison service as they know that we will keep their data secure, our customer support team are always on hand to help and that we won’t recommend any company over another.

Rating Our Trusted Local Supplier Members

Through our partner brand Trusted Local Suppliers we invite people like you to rate the companies that we pass your details on to. We use this information to provide valuable feedback to our members.

By comparing quotes from several companies through our online forms you’ll quickly gain an overview of the market and be presented with competitively priced options, making your purchasing process quicker and more efficient.

How Do We Make Money?

We do need to make money but our quoting service is completely free to use. Our money comes from the companies that we pass your details to. It won’t affect how much you pay if you do choose to use one of the installers that we pass your details to. It can actually reduce the price that you pay as the companies we pass your details on to know that they need to be competitive to win your business.

About Us
Got 2 suppliers, both phoned me within 24 hours, both made appointments to come and see me the following day.
John Levy


These people are well managed and they provide outstanding support in all the aspects. Keep it up.
Manoj Kumar Devisetty


4.2 Rating
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