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About Us

The mission of CompareCompanies is simple: to make the often-complicated process of buying and selling as simple, straightforward and cheap as possible!

The internet can be a bewildering place - there's so much information it can be hard to know where to look to find what you need! If you're trying to find a company that covers your local area, it can take hours just to locate them, let alone find a trustworthy company providing great prices.

Save Money

As with the websites offering a comparison of car insurance, perhaps the best reason to make use of our service is to save some serious money! All of the suppliers on our database know that you're conducting a comparison, which means they realise they have to be competitive to make sure they get your business.

Vetted Companies

We don't want to deal with unreliable companies just as much as you don't want to either. We credit check every supplier that we deal with before signing them up. We also call back people who've used our service to find out what they thought about the companies so we can find out if there are any problems with suppliers.

By comparing quotes from several companies through our online forms you'll quickly gain an overview of the market and be presented with competitively priced options, making your purchasing process quicker and more efficient.

Independent Advice

All of the quotes we can provide are totally free, and zero obligation. When this is combined with the fact it makes no difference to us if you decide to purchase or decide not to purchase a product or service, we can truly offer you independent advice before you spend anything. Even if you've just got a few questions, we're glad to help.

If today isn't the right time for you, we operate a very popular call back service - we can reliably call you back any day of the week even if it's not for several months when you're ready to go ahead and get some free quotes.

How Do We Make Money?

Clearly, we're a business too and need to pay our bills! We make our money because we receive a small fee from the suppliers if you decide to get a quote from them, regardless of whether you buy anything. We absolutely will never pressure you into anything, so there's no need to worry!

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Our Testimonials

  • "I was very pleased at the service I received - saved a fortune, and a lot of time too!"

  • "The people on the phone were very friendly - it's nice just to speak with someone who is independent!"

    Sarah, Essex

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